Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life in the FAST lane!

Now that my sweet baby girls are officially ONE YEAR OLDS- we have moved up to our big girl carseats! YAY! Mattie and Hailey love facing front now too! We are not big fans of being strapped in- that is a new fight, but once we are in- they are good to go! Mattie- look at those cute birthday shoes!!! :)
Hailey- with her cute hairbow! (Thanks Grammy)
Ok- since I am having a much better day today- I feel I should rat myself out... I am laughing now, but in the midst of my lemon filled Monday- this is my first day taking the girls to and from school without a carrier. Since we are not walking yet- I have to carry them both. I (trying to be the best mom I can while making the most of my time) tried loading them at the same time. AGH! I loaded Hailey first. In and effort to keep her entertained and happy while I loaded Mattie- I let her hold my keys... rookie mistake I know! (I always swore I would never let them play with my keys or cell phone... still haven't broken the cell phone rule-ha!) Anyway, Hailey happened to find the button that makes my car honk- she was smiling having a big time. I thought nothing of this- until I shut Mattie's door and realized I was LOCKED OUT and they were LOCKED IN! Yep- I did it- thankfully I still had my bag on my shoulder with my phone!!! I got on the phone- Ken answered and came with keys to save the day within 5 minutes! He is our HERO! Thankfully the girls were very content with me playing peekaboo through the window. We made it... today I carried my keys in my pocket.

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