Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday Week: Day 2: The Children's Parade

As Birthday week continues... We headed out to the Children's parade! It was so cute seeing the little ones throwing beads! Of course, my "Dancing Queen" float was there JAMMING out! LOVE it! Mattie really got a kick out of it too. She kept kicing her feet and clapping her hands as we held her.
Mattie and Daddy waiting for the parade to start!

Mommy and Hailey

The Perez Family! What a cute family!

The Rice Family! Too sweet!

It was fun spending time with friends- we decided next year that we are going to create a float for our kid-os to ride on....

Back home- our girls have had the best time playing in the beads. Everytime you put a necklace on them- they SMILE and GIGGLE! Super cute. I knew they were destined to be 'girly'! They love treasures!

Even Belle joined in on the Mardi Gras fun! Daddy has his hands full with Hailey and Belle! More to come!

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kate m. said...

I wanted to go to the children's parade, but I figured Jackson had contaminated enough kids for one weekend! : )