Saturday, July 30, 2011


Friday night- as soon as Ken came home we loaded up the girls and B-LINED it to Chef Michaelburger on the west end to meet some older First Baptist friends! It was a great reunion, as well as a great time to meet new friends! :) SO SO SO fun! The Haynes's of course got plenty of time with our Kummerfeld BFF's! :) It was great! It is so fun watching our girls jump, squeal, and play together- so sweet!
Ring a round the rosie...

Mattie, Annie and sweet Mrs. Sherry with Paige! ADORABLE!
We had lots of "little" momma's to "watch" the toddlers.... so sweet.

Saturday afternoon- we headed to Palisade Palms for a little one on one family time with the K's! It was great!

Then Saturday night- we headed to Joe's Crab shack for a Resitern Welcome to the Island PATY! SO SO SO fun! :)

Great weekend thus far! Can't wait until tomorrow- jam packed with church, parties and FUN!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TRI-cylcles- watch out Lance Armstrong!

Monday was a very BIG day at The Haynes house! I had taken the girls to play at their friend IV's house on Saturday- where she had set up a baby Schlitterbahn and also where he had a Y bike- (which is AMAZING- and definitely on the girls Christmas list)! The girls thought it was so fun to ride that bike with help from Liz's boyfriend Matty. Bless his heart juggling 3 babies on one 1 bike and 2 helmets- oh the sharing lessons that occurred. Did I forget to mention he had just had his wisdom teeth out the day before- I was amazed considering I lost 3 days of my life after having mine done to sleeping on the couch...
Mommy and Liz sat happily on the steps- on potty duty! After leaving their house- it was nap time- the entire way home and after nap- Mattie and Hailey kept saying "Mommy, Target? Mommy, bicycle? Mommy, PWEASE!" I mean you had me at "PWEASE!" Unfortunately, Ken was in a MAJOR big surgery on Sunday and I knew he would want to be a part of this big event- so we talked about waiting for Daddy! Ken was thrilled when he got home at (10:30pm) to hear they wanted bicycles- he definitely wanted to go with us. Monday- he was able to cut out early and we headed for Target!

The girls were so excited!!! It was SO SO SO cute! The hardest part was getting them off- to pay. :) Oh the hard lessons in life!Random side note: As we were walking in- I noticed we are getting fresh produce and more grocery's on the island!!! I may never leave again- well until we move that is! :)
Once we got home- we brought the trikes inside since the mosquito's have landed and it was muggy... the girls went all over! This is a great house for kid-os! :) :) :) So open!

All in all- we love our new rides! Watch out Lance- this is where our training begins! Mattie and Hailey can now say- "I have been riding bikes since I was 2!" (Do you like the Tiffani?)

Yes- Katy- there is our potty again... I don't know what I am going to do the day the frog potty disappears from our life. I feel like it is my 3rd child now..... hahahahahaha! Yay for potty trained babies!


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi all! As we are starting to plan for our future after Galveston- I have chosen to change this blog to "private settings" for safety reasons! If you love my blog and these little DIVA's- just shoot me and email and I will invite you to check it out. I have toyed with this for a while, but now feel it is the best decision for us at the time. :) I truly don't mind if you can connect the dots for me as a friend of a friend reading this blog- inviting you to continue.... it is just the randoms that scare me. Thanks so much- email me your email address at


Lately... at The Haynes house

I just feel like I need to state our nightly welcome home Daddy! To say that Mattie and Hailey ADORE their Daddy- is an UNDERSTATEMENT! When Ken's truck is heard- we all (including me) go running to the door to greet him with "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" I imagine it really makes his day- and it makes mine to see the LOVE that these girls have for their Daddy... Soon after he got home- while Mommy was fixing dinner.
The girls lately are PRECIOUS with each other! We LOVE to dance daily, but here lately we have started holding hands- it is adorable! ADORABLE! I can't get enough of these little lovebugs holding hands....

Also- today, during nap time I took on the Anthropologie lamp shade challenge. This sad shade has been in my living room since we moved back from Nashville- 2 years ago... however on the move back- Belle (our sweet dog) got bored and chewed on the shade. I haven't had an idea of how to fix it until today! Anthroupologie inspired me...
What I started with...
The materials... iron, 1 3/4 fabric, hot glue gun, and scissors....
The final product! I LOVE the new shade! :) AMAZING! What a great accomplished day!

Monday, July 18, 2011


I will sing of your praises Oh Lord! This past weekend, I got the opportunity to "sneak" away from island living and visit The Kummerfeld's in Temple. Their family recently expanded from 3 to 4! Sweet Paige Elizabeth was born on June 7 (my parent's wedding anniversary). My sweet husband kept the girls for me for a "daddy/Daughter date day". When I got to the K's house- Lily was napping, but Miss Paige was ready and waiting! She is a doll baby! BEAUTIFUL!It was amazing to hold a little again- especially one this sweet. Pretty soon after I arrived, we left napping Lily with her Daddy while Paige, Katy and I went to grab a bite to eat! We also stopped by "The Rose Bud"- to see her mom. On the way there, Katy told me her mom had a few outfits she wanted me to try on there. It was like having a personal stylist! It was so fun playing dress up- as we were leaving Katy's mom handed me all the goodies as a 30th birthday surprise! It was so sweet and boy does she have great taste- I now need to plan a "date night" to get all dolled up! I love Katy's family!!!
After the fun- we headed back to see the other little who was up now. Isn't she ADORABLE!?!?! She has the sweetest personality. She just walked right up and hugged me like I come over everyday. We spent the rest of the afternoon with the girls!
Around dinner time we were able to sneak out for a Katy and Erin date! It was great- we went to Tulip nail spa- (I highly recommend Paul) and had a great peidcure! AMAZING! I think Paul got a real kick out of Katy and I's conversation- everything from highlights to peidcures, to babies, to nursing, to clothes, to hubby's, to shoes... it was wonderful....
We ended the night with a dinner at Cheeves- a great place to eat! I loved my night away in Temple. It is always great to spend time with The Kummerfeld's! I sure do miss you guys! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ken "really" takes flight!

Matttie waving good bye...
Ken... ready set... FLY!!!! (unfortunately all we saw was him taxying (sp?) away because my sweet littles needed a potty break).

After flight- Ken loved it! Yay! Successful gift! :) Happy Birthday from 2009. :)
Ken in the Galveston sky...
Later that weekend, we went to the beach for a little family fun!

Love that Hailey is "layed out" in the sand... stinker!
Last Sunday we had the annual "Welcome to the Island" party for all the incoming surgery residents. It was a great success! It was fun for all of us to have a little down time together.
Tiffani and I- we are so glad the Pampalon's are now in Galveston!
Ken with his best buddy! When he was in corpus this little guy was there too with his Daddy- Ken only thought he was getting a month off from baby duty!
All in all- great fun weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet Galveston Friends!

The girls and I have had a lot of fun lately playing in the SUN!Here the girls are with "wild man" IV- which sounds like "Abby" when my girls say it- funny.
To say the least- they keep us hopping. It is truly entertaining to have 3 pottying littles play together- we are always taking someone to the bathroom!

I was able to visit my favorite Gabriella and her sweet twin girls: Blair and Leah at her Stella & Dot launch party!
The girls and the sparkles- their first jewelry party! I couldn't help but have flashbacks seeing these two little angels! XOXO
We also have hung out with The Martin boys- this day got off to a rough start... Everyone was excited to go to Palm Beach, but on the way there Kate and the boys got in a car wreck that totaled her Tahoe... A lady was going the WRONG WAY on a ONE WAY- so scary! Thankfully- everyone was ok! The girls and I came to the rescue- threw everyone in our car and off we went to Palm Beach- for a day of FUN!
Mattie and Everett

The gang is all here- Everett couldn't flip over...
It's been a GREAT SUMMER so far!
Hope you are finding time for fun in the SUN!