Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peek-a-boo- NEVER gets old!

The girls have figured out how to make just about anything a game! So fun!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has SPRUNG!!!

Look at these 2 cute lil' chick-a-dees! We looked so pretty in our spring dresses that Grammy sent us! Hailey loves her clothes- if I hold a dress up to her like we are going to see what she will look like in it she get a huge grin on her face! Wonder where she gets that???
Mattie has learned a new word- "Pretty"
Necklaces are pretty, Mommy's hair in rollers is pretty, lipstick on my lip is pretty, Belle is pretty, mardi gras beads are pretty- everything is pretty. When I got her in her dress- first word out "pretty"! I think it is adorable!

Here we are attempting a picture of the 2 of them together- this has gotten progressively more difficult...

Ah- SUCCESS! Mattie's little grin is cracking me up! Have I told you that our new favorite toys are Easter eggs- they are everywhere in our house, car, etc...

My 3 FAVORITE people!

The 4 of us- what a great day! After church, we went with friends to "The Original"- YUM! The girls loved rice and beans! After a short nap we headed to the Evia Spring Market- it was great just to be outside in the AWESOME weather! For dinner we went to a friends house where we played with our friends Ruby and Davis- I should have gotten pictures, but with 4 babies our hands were full! It was GREAT spending time with you guys! Let's do it again soon!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Texas Hold'em- Tennesse Fold'em!

Last night- couples night out!
The Perez's and The Haynes's shared a sitter-(genius right?) and head to a Resitern function- Dinner and Texas Hold'em...
We loaded up and arrived at a really neat Mexican restaurant that I have never been called La Brias on I-146...
We walk up to the hostess stand and I ask "Where is the UTMB/resitern groupd sitting?"
The hostess: "Not here"
Uh oh it hits us- we are at the wrong La Brisa!
So with alot of laughs and a few phone calls- we decide to eat where we are already and then head to the game.
Getting ready to play!
Lindsay and I enjoying a night out with our hubbies! I was the only one that had never play Texas Hold'em- and you guessed it- I won for our table! Whoop whoop! Beginners luck I am sure!

Our Texas Hold'em group! We need to do this again soon friends!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oppe Carnival

Today- Oppe Elementary had a carnival for the kid-os in Galveston! Since I taught there (briefly due to Hurricane Ike)- I wanted to take the girls to see all of our friends there. It was great fun! We had our friends the Perez's meet us there. We walked around- saw LOTS of familiar faces, watched the WILD kids jumping in the bounce houses- we even saw our very first camel!!! I asked the girls if they wanted to ride... I tried to get a picture with the camel behind the girls- turned out I just got the tail end of the camel- hahahah! :)
Little Davis started out the fun- zonked out! :) Isn't he adorable!?! Lindsay and I thought it would be fun to stroll to the "Castle Park" where they have toddler swings! Mattie and Hailey loved it!!! Hailey kept clapping!

" Hold on Hailey!"

Davis enjoying the Galveston sun and breeze in his hair!

"Push me Mom!"

What a fun afternoon! Can't wait to go to Texas Hold 'em tonight and the Evia market tomorrow! What is it about spring time weather that seems to help book up your schedule?
Happy weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tie Dye and SUNSHINE!!!

The Haynes girls are LOVING the Texas sunshine. I truly believe that you can be having the worst day- but as long as it is sunny it doesn't feel that bad! The past few days have been pretty busy for us. Our family are members of a group called "Resiterns" here on the island. It is a great way for the wives of residents to get to know each other and support each other through what has been referred to as being a "residency widow". That cracks me up! We try to get together once a month with a fun activity for the adults and a fun Mother's group activity too! I am in charge of those for this year- so for March I decided we would tie dye t-shirts! It was so fun. Although it was a small group- we really got a chance to know each other better. Doing this reminded me of when I would help my mom roll the t-shirts for her art club at school! She is the tie dye QUEEN! I just toss out the idea and she tells me how she would do it! I hope I am at least half as crafty with my girls as she was with us!

Spiraled and dyed!!! :)

The finished product on my precious models!

Today we decided to go to the park for our afternoon snack! It was a great time!
After our little play time we decided to go for a walk where we ran into Laurie H. (another Resitern member) and her 2 boys! It was great getting to catch up with her.

Enjoying being outside and our snack :) These girls are just TOO TOO TOO much fun. I am so blessed!

We LOVE to be outside! Yay!!! I have a feeling that as the summer arrives- we will spend more and more time at the park and outside!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Buddies!!

Since Ken has a BIG test coming up April 10th (pray for him to do well again this year)- the girls and I decided we would give him a chance to get some quality studying done... so we packed up and headed to see our favorite Temple Texans!!!Sweet Lilly and Katy welcomed us with open arms- we only saw a little of David (those residents are SO busy). I loved seeing Lilly again- she has gotten so big! She really has the sweetest personalitly- so easy going and chill! Not to mention- how adorable she is! Lilly is always dressed to the nines! Her little socks and bows always coordinate with her outfit- we even found ourselves trying to coordinate all 3! Katy (Lilly's mommy) and I decided that shopping and dressing these girls is one of our favorite things to do!! I think we should have an annual Spring Break shopping trip...
Wednesday morning we had the sweetest time: playing, feeding, changing, chasing, napping, talking- repeat!
Mattie and Hailey both loved being near Lilly. Mattie was especially curious about Lilly's pacifier- she really wanted to see it out of Lilly's mouth... she does this to Hailey too.

The girls hanging out before our big day! We decided that we would venture out on our 1st "big girl lunch" date- we needed a family friendly place...

Chik-fil-a it was! The girls did great! Lilly went right to sleep and my 2 loves chicken strips and a few fries. It was really funny all the attention that these 3 babies received. We also ran by the PRECIOUS store that Katy works at part time. After lunch, we headed back to nap again. Not only did the girls love spending time with their friend, but they also found out that they LOVE climbing stairs. Mommy found out they are really good at it!

Look at these cute Mudpie shoes from Katy's store. I couldn't resist...

On Thursday- we tried to get a picture with all 3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Have you ever tried to get a picture of 3 babies- it was a hoot. Even the mailman stopped to watch the show.
The funny part was that they all were fine with the ears- it was the looking, smiling, sitting part that really got them!

My 2 cute lil bunnies! Mattie and Hailey really are a hoot. They are really becoming "big girls"- blowing kisses, waving at everyone, and jabbering up a storm. I am not sure when all of our words are going to come out, but I do know for sure we have ALOT to say.

Mommy with her cuties!
Mattie, Hailey, Lilly, Katy, and I had a blast- but then again we always do. Katy has been an amazing friend to me since we knew we were moving here. I am inspired by her open heart and sincerity! Her joy is infectious! I love that our girls are going to be as close as we are. I know that we don't live around the corner from each other anymore, but she is just a phone call away. She is my "anyway" friend- she knows my flaws and loves me ANYWAY!
It was bitter sweet leaving- through teary eyes... we said "see you soon" (April 11 to be exact)- I am not a fan of goodbyes! Thanks again for letting us visit!
We love you guys!

After we were back- I heard from another heart friend of mine- Brooke! 3 of the 4 girls were coming to Galveston and we were the main attraction! Brooke and I decided that we would attempt lunch and a walk/shopping on The Strand.
It was perfect! I love seeing these girls. Ally and Addy are just adorable and such good helpers with my 2!

We had the sweetest time catching up! I sure do miss having The Neagle's on the island!
The Sunflower didn't know what to think with so many cuties! We were sitting right in the doorway- so everyone that came in stopped to talk to us. They thought we were all related. :)
We are in our hearts!

Thanks girls for coming for a visit! Can't wait to see you again soon and meet Andi :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break BUNNIES!!!

...and we are back, among the living that is!
Last week, Hailey had to leave school early due to the tummy bug that she then shared with Mattie, who then shared it with Daddy, who finally tried to give it to Mommy... I will say it was no fun having "sick" babies. They are pitifully sweet- just wanting to cuddle and be held, but you can look at them and tell they do NOT feel good. It is just not the norm to see these 2 not in good moods & VERY active! At least we have a week to recover- and we have done just that!
Hello Spring Break!!! Oh, how I welcome you!
I can't believe it is Friday already!!! The only Friday of the year I don't like is Spring Break Friday- meaning after the weekend, back to work- routine- juggling act, etc.
Galveston has been BEAUTIFUL lately! The weather is PERFECT, the sun is shining, and all the "spring breaker's" are out and about! The girls and I were ready for a little SB trip of our own- pictures of that in next post!
Here we are feeling good and ready for Easter!
Hailey doing her BEST Easter bunny impression!
She KNOWS she is cute!!!

Mattie and that thumb- it is a real love affair. Ken and I have decided that we are going to try and break the habit this summer. My mom asked if I would wait until after visiting Memphis- ha! Mattie also LOVES LOVES LOVES this bunny. During our sick days- laundry was constantly rolling and the bunny had to be washed... I didn't realize how attached we were to it until we went to bed one night or should I say didn't go to bed one night- as anyone close to us knows- my girls are the BEST night nighters EVER (opinion- not fact). We just lay them down, typically without a peep. The night without the bunny- peeps were heard (probably 2 blocks away). Ken and I were at a loss...
This never happens to us!?!?
She isn't sick...
She didn't want anymore to drink...
I hold her she cries...
Oh no...
ding ding ding- her bunny...
I retrieve the bunny- Mattie grabs it, rolls over and goes to sleep!
Moral: Don't LOSE the BUNNY!

Here Mattie is in her other Easter/Spring outfit! Thanks Honey for helping us stay so "stylin"!
More soon!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this award show- well any award show really...
Anyway, this past Sunday- I was glued to the TV checking out all the BEAUTIFUL gowns! Here is my favorite! I love SJP's yellow dress! I want to wear something like this to holiday ball next year! :) xoxo,

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aw- Puddin'!

Last Thursday with my kids at school I let them paint with pudding on pigs- it was part of our "farm" unit. They had so much fun- I decided to do what any rational mom would and let my girls have a little fun of their own! I gave each of them a spoonful on their highchair tray and let them go to town! They loved it- and sure were a sight! Hailey wasted no time getting dirty!

Mattie also unleashed her "artistic" side!

These sure were 2 messy babies! I like to think that this activity will contribute to their gross and fine motor development! Yea- that is what I think...
but for now- it was just a fun day playing!
Off to the bathtub!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Girly Girls!

The girls are really up to alot these days! Everytime I turn around I feel like they have learned something new or are doing something new! I love watching them grow and change. Their little personalities are so cute. Mattie is:
giggly, playful, talkative, and a little cautious at times!
Hailey is:
wiggly, SMILEY, flirtatious, and excited about everything!

Both of my girls are BEAUTIFUL and love people- they are little social butterflies! I love that about them. I really love that they are alot alike, but have definite differences too! Both can be calm, but both can also be WILD THINGS! It is so funny- because Ken and I see alot of my personality in both of them- good and bad :)
Our latest skill is accesorizing! M&H love their accessories! Hailey has the best time taking her earmuffs on and off- (she needs a little help with the on part), but I know she wants them on when she holds them on top of her head and she SMILES so big when I put them on her. Mattie is the same way with bows- holds them where they should be! Isn't that cute?!?! My sweet girls think their outfit isn't complete without something on their heads! :) :) :) Don't get me wrong- it doesn't stay there like it used to, but they want it to start there. We are also into necklaces- ever since Mardi Gras- you will usually see at least one of my girls sporting some beads! I don't know why but it amazes me that they can put them on themselves! They are just so smart!