Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dolls for Haiti!

Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to join some of the ladies of First Baptist Galveston and make dolls for the children of Haiti. As a church, it was neat to see so many talented and (the un-sewing) skilled come together for this project. The dolls are very special because one side the eyes are closed- symbolizing those who don't know the Lord on the other side the dolls eyes are open and she has a heart for the Lord. :) Isn't that a great witness to eve the youngest of Haitian's? I was so encouraged just sitting with these ladies- learning and working to share God's LOVE. :) THe 1st finished product- eyes open and a heart for the Lord!!!
Busy cutting out the bodies- or course I had to make a few animal print doll outfits!
Working hard!
The first 2 I did :)
The "Sewing Queens"- Thanks Mrs. Meador for putting this together!


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kate m. said...

It's funny because Laura and I saw the leopard print dolls on the table today, and we actually said that we thought you made the leopard print dolls!