Monday, May 28, 2012

Bye Bye Haynes- round 1

Last weekend, my sweet sweet, very amazing sweet friends threw a Bye Bye Erin party!  It was amazing!  I felt SO SO SO loved!  These women went above and beyond for little ole' me!  

It was so much fun getting to spend time with all of these amazing women that have helped shape me into the friend, mommy, and wife that I am.
A few special parting gifts... to cherish and remember G-town (always).

This precious painting is of Mattie and Hailey at the beach- it's absolutely adorable! 

It was an amazing day ladies!  I am blessed to know each and everyone of you!!  A special thanks to Kimberly, Courtney, Liz, Tiffani, and Angie for celebrating me.  I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

School Pictures by Kelli Acosta

 All I can say is....
Kelli Acosta- YOU ROCK my WORLD!

Have you seen any two prettier girls? 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Splash Day at Preschool :) :) :)

We have ben so so SO excited about "splash day" at school!  Here are a few pictures of the fun that we had today! 
 Hailey and Adele- one of M & H's favorite little friends at school
Headed out to get a little wet!

Let the fun begin!!

All in all- it was a great day! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Haynes Family update!

The past few months sure have been CrAzY to say the least!!  Here are a few of the things we have been up to lately!
The girls visit their soon to be home- Corpus Christi!  I think it is funny that they are still looking for Miss Christi... :)

We met the incoming OMFS resident and his finance'.  We broke them in right at The Poop Deck...  

If you can't find us- check at Mario's!  This is a weekly standing date with Liz and IV.  It is amazing and may need to be continued throughout the summer.  I could come back once a week- right?!?!

                           Mattie and Hailey get pampered!  OOOH LaLa! Our first PEDICURE!!
 Hailey took to it like she was born at a salon, but Mattie was a little more uncertain.  She was willing to "have pretty toes" but wanted to stay with me.  :)  Secretly- I am SO ok with that!  :):):)
Fun with friends - LOVE me some Laura V, Kate Martin, and Amanda K!

Liz and I became models!  That is a completely different post- but OH SO FUN!!!

Murdoch's Oh the memories!!

Mattie spelled her 1st word!  Can you say future Chi- O?  I can! :)

We went to our first tea room with Sweet Mrs. Stevy and Alaina.  I wish I had a picture of us all!

As alway- WE LOVE some dress up!  Whether it is "driving Mrs. Daisy" hats at the tea room

or Mommies rainboots and heels- WE LOVE to be "FANCY"!  We often tell Daddy how "FANCY" he is! Hee Hee!!!

We LOVE the park!!! 

My little monkeys!!!