Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homemade fruit snack candy and play

Recently a blog that I LOVE- lullaby lubbock- had a post about making homemade candy with her daughters. It was a "sweet" idea! I decided that I needed to do this with M & H! They loved it. They got to help me mix, stir, and watch the candy boil. They are learning patience through activities like this one- hahaha- so is Mommy. :)

It was super easy- mix jello powder with gelatin and water- mix in a little water- double boil and pour in molds- set in fridge for a few minutes and wah-la!! They weren't too bad either...
Loving our homemade treat

Some of the final product...
Playing hard... playing with snacks.... hmmm....
An extra special treat yesterday- IV and Ms. Liz came over to play and talk wedding! (A special congratulations to Liz and Matty!) The girls love to play with IV, especially Mattie! They ran a million miles chasing each other. It was so fun!
In the midst of playing, Liz pointed out that she thought that Mattie might be taller than IV and Hailey isn't that much shorter either.... This blows my mind... I know Mattie is tall (90th percentile), but IV is 8 months older than her. I guess I just never really thought I could have a tall girl! We may have a supermodel or ballerina on our hands! Let's take a moment and applaud two mommies for accomplishing an amazing feat- all 3 standing, looking at the camera...
well for a split second anyway! Love this picture- shows IV spirit! :) :) :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visitng The Belin's

On Sunday, on a whim- our little family took off to Conroe to visit Ken's Aunt Linda, Uncle Leonard, Troy, Bridget, & Addie. It was ALOT of FUN! Mattie and Hailey were little fish!

Isn't their pool amazing! I definitely think Honey and PaPa need one!
Hailey and Aunt Linda

Love this little face!
Big girl...
all on her own...

Thanks for letting us drop in and swim! We LOVED seeing you guys! :) :) :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun with friends!

The end of last week, our favorite friends- The Neagles came to visit us in Galveston! It was great to see them again. Their girls are precious. Ally is starting 6th grade, Addy is 4, and Andi will be 2 in February. They are adorable. I hope my two turn out as sweet as Ally when they are her age! She was the perfect helper! :)

We went to LaKings for a little ice cream treat! So sweet!

Brooke is a great friend and such an encourager. I am so uplifted by spending time with her. Let's fo it again soon Neagles! We love you all!
Another fun favorite was Friday night- Tiffani and I went to get our eyebrows waxed (um- it's been over 2 years for me... thankfully they are blonde!) and then headed to Sky Bar for some sushi! It was a great night! Thanks Ken for watching the girls. I am so glad you are in Galveston- T! All in all a great start to our weekend! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Twinkle Toes" begins...

A big thanks to my sweet friend Kate Martin for letting me borrow her "serious" mommy camera for these pictures. My little sony has been on the fritz lately- after every picture it has me turn it off and turn back on... ???? Anyway- our first ballet/tap/tumble class was precious! Mattie and Hailey loved the outfits, the shoes and overall the place. The only down side was that we had only had a very, very short nap- due to a potty issue. I knew going in that we were probably going to get sleepy. After about an hour- we were done. Here are the pictures of the fun they had! I couldn't get enough of the cuteness!!

Look at all the little tutu cuties! So sweet! Mattie and Hailey were sad they didn't have TuTu's on- but I wasn't sure if it was a tripping hazard or something. We will be sporting one next week for sure!
stretching for ballet

love that belly!
one on one instruction
Time for TAP TAP TAP!

Aw, both listening and following directions- PROUD MOMMMY!!! (and thankfully Daddy was able to come a watch the fun too!)

Looks like someone wanted to be an indian and not chief...
Hello- short nap Mattie...
Little bit- hanging on...
Getting stickers for a job well done! So sweet...
Time to TUMBLE!
Hailey wasn't so sure about this...

All is better now that she can lead- uh oh! All in all our 1st trip was a success! The girls have talked about dance ever since! Thank you Honey for the best dance gift ever!
We love it- can't wait until next Thursday!