Sunday, January 30, 2011

Galveston Girls GROWING!

Good Morning from our house... everyday- they are just like Mommy (or MiMi- as Hailey says) these 2 wake up HUNGRY!
A few cute pictures to share of us playing and becoming almost 2 year olds!!!

Mattie's favorite word- "SHARE". She uses it in place of "Mine". If she wants something you are holding, she says "Share" if she is holding something and someone tries to take it- she says "Share"- basically anywhere a 2 year old would typically say "mine" (hmm hmm... Hailey), Mattie says "Share". It is really cute- and alot sweeter than shouting mine at her sister and friends...
Check out Hailey's black eyes... she fell and hit a door facing- TERRIBLE knot on her forehead that is now gone, but the black eyes have come.

I just adore these happy girls! Aren't these the cutest outfits too! Honey got us these- she sure keeps us dressed to the 9's! :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lobster turns 1- Raggedy Ann style!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Libby! I can't believe that a year ago (Dec. 31) we were all anxiously awaiting your arrival! You are an angel in our lives- we love you so much! From "Sugars perspective": you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL- a real future heartbreaker, you are silly, funny, active, a little sassy, a stinker, and a LOT of FUN!
"There's a party? FOR ME???"

Having a little trouble waking up from her "beauty sleep".

In true like her mommy fashion- as soon as Mattie walked in she spotted the "cakes" and pointed shouting "Cake, cake, CAKE!" I tried to explain that we had to wait...

but she went and asked LaLa anyway!

Hailey and Aunt Bonnie playing.
Look who has the party hat on- you go Pa Pa!

What a fun group and great turn out!

Honey and Hailey sharing some loving!

Mattie finally got her cupcake!

"Happy Birthday to you, Libby, Happy Birthday to you!"
"hmm... why is everyone singing?"

"I'm waiting for you to feed me Mommy."

Face plant in the cake- nice! Time for some water.

Present time! I can't decide whose face I like more- Libby's or Lauren's! :)

Hailey and Lily playing together.

Hailey now stealing the birthday girls new toys.

Mommy getting kisses from Mattie!

The gangs all here- this is our friend Mary Jetton Jacobs- Lily and Adam's mommy. We went to Kindergarten together. Funny thing is- now we all have babies: Lily, Hailey and Mattie could be in K together and Libby and Adam could too! Isn't that funny!
So glad we have all reconnected!
Hope your day was as special as you are Libby!

Monday, January 10, 2011

OMFS Pub Crawl 2010

In the spirit of the holidays- the surgery department hosted a Christmas party at 901 Post Office. It was so much fun! We enjoyed having an adult night out! In order from left to right: John Mark, Meghan, Dr. Throndson, Mrs. Darla, Baker, Meagan, Me and Ken- the OMFS team minus Dr. Mainous.
After the celebration at the restaurant- we joined several of the nurses and people that work hand in hand with the OMFS dept for a pub crawl- I can say about this is BRRRRR.... it was cold.

Don't die!

All in all- a very fun night!
Until next year!

A Haynes, Haynes Family Christmas

Where all The Haynes' gathered together! Daddy Ken- used to having 2 in his arms at a time! It was really a ton of fun getting all of us together since Thanksgiving was such a "stomach dropper". (*Remember Dena's family had a fever funk and we were dropping like flies with the tunny bug).
Sweet Alayna has gotten so big- she is so easy and chilled. I guess she had to be- with my 2 and Aleyse- there was a lot of action to watch! :) I can't get over how much she looks like her Daddy! :)

Aleyse and Hailey playing- isn't that so cute. It was sweet to watch how my girls loved their big girl cousin.

After Ken's dad read the Christmas story from the Bible- the unwrapping began!

Can you see how FULL this room was with people, gifts, gift wrap, and LOVE?

Hooking Alayna up- ZEBRA style. Bet you can't guess who that was from????

Ken's MeMaw made each of the girls sock monkeys- aren't they precious? Mattie and Hailey love them so much and how special that they were made just for them!

A few of our favorites...

Hailey telling Grammy Thank You!

Notice: we got a tutu, we had to wear it... Aleyse, got a karaoke (sp?) microphone- look who took right to it- tutu and all. I think we have a Ballet/ ROCK STAR among us!

And a BBALL star!

Mattie- realized she is so big. Loved being able to see.

Merry Christmas sweet Haynes'! We love you all and LOVED celebrating with you!
Thanks for all of our goodies!