Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Doctor Day- Daddy!

Aren't these PRICELESS!?!?! My sweet friend Jana Blanchard sent the girls these "personalized" scrubs for their birthday! I knew the perfect day to wear them- Doctor Day- in honor of our favorite Doctor Daddy!
What would a dentist's daughter be if she didn't know where her teeth are!?!?!
YOU make US smile SO BIG!
Hip Hip Hooray for all of our doctor friends- especially Daddy! xoxo,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stella & Dot

Hi there-

Because I know SO many of my friends and family check this blog often- I wanted to share some fun information! I have started selling Stella & Dot jewelry- mainly because I LOVE all of the stuff and wanted it at a discount, but also to have a little extra spending $ in my pocket too! :) It is all precious- please go check it out:

If you decide to place an order- please click hostess connection on the top right corner and enter my name and then SHOP SHOP SHOP!

*Don't forget Easter, Mother's Day, and someone specials birthday is just right around the corner! Happy Shopping! xoxo,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hair today- Gone tomorrow!

Today was a very special day- the 1st day at the salon!!! My very sweet and brave friend Stevy went with us (she is also a good Doctor office visit buddy). We headed into a hair salon named "Hairmates" that my other precious friend and personal hair stylist- Erin Price- works at. I had come prepared! I had our favorite travel toys, pacifier, "sucker balls", bunny and snacks. Mattie will do anything for a "sucker ball". She was ready to go!

Let the trimming begin! Mattie was perfect- she let Mrs. Erin spray her hair, comb it, and trim without a whimper. :) She kept saying "haircut" the entire time she was getting hers cut as well as Hailey.

I love her face in this picture...

Sweet girl- so PRETTY!

Hailey's turn. After seeing Mattie go- she was ready. She wasn't so much a fan of the spray bottle, but she did great. No tears! Just sat like a big girl and let Mrs. Erin do her job.

It was so cute!
Disclaimer: very little was actually cut off. Hailey's was more of a "shaping" situation and Mattie's well- it just counces right back up into those curls no matter how long it gets.
All in all- great day - great experience- great girls- great friends!
Thanks ladies!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Frohberg Farms- Alvin, Texas

This morning- Ken headed to Houston for a OMFS conference and the girls and I headed to farm! We went with our Resitern Mother's Group. It was a great time. The premise is to buy a bucket and fill it with strawberries- Mattie and Hailey caught on quick! I'd pick this one...
and this one!

Here we go- buckets in tow! (side note: we received a package yesterday from Aunt Rachel- it was their birthday presents- a cute purse full of goodies- notice Hailey had to bring it).

I think Mattie found one...

It begins- I wondered how they would do with not eating the strawberries... it just didn't happen. Mattie would pick one, take a bite, drop it and say "Yum" then pick another, take a bite... repeat.

We had lots of fun being with friends, outdoors, doing something new! The only thing missing was Daddy.

Friday, March 18, 2011

What... What...!

Let me start off by saying- whew! I haven't been able to blog because our computer got a virus... We have a computer program that is supposed to "block" that from happening, but nothing is 100%. Anyway- we are back up and running $121.00 later. Oh how I missed you computer... This past weekend, my favorite Temple Texans came for a vacation! IT was great seeing The Kummerfelds. I even got to spend some time with Lilly so that her Mommy and Daddy could have a Galveston date night. These pictures are bitter sweet to me- because I think this should be a daily occurance in Fish Village- but dumb Ike.

To say Lilly is a LOVEBUG is an understatement. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to give LOVE! I think it is adorable. She hugged and kissed all of us over and over again- SO SWEET!
I said this was Mattie and Hailey's first slumber party without the "slumber" part. Lilly had never been around a toddler bed- but she caught on so fast! The girls just played in their room for a good bit of the night. A glimpse at the future.

Ken- joining in the fun! Lilly was lost to her other LOVE- "MELMO".

Check out those PIG TAILS! Rock it girlie!

These days WE LOVE to be outside. I don't really mind other than they think that dirt is the best toy ever! :)

On Saturday morning, before The K's headed back- we met for breakfast at Mosquito. It was great because we actually ran into our pastor- Dr. Meador and his wife- Mrs. Sherry. So fun sharing breakfast all together.

Before we left- a group shot! I love that we are all here (including Paige)! :)

After breakfast- we came home and I made a meal to take to 2 seperate families and then headed to a wedding shower. Happy soon to be wedding "Mrs." Baker!

When I got home from the shower- this is what I found...

Now everytime we go outside we look for our shovels to dig... thanks daddy.