Monday, February 8, 2010

Brusha, Brusha, Bruasha!

We have definitely had a BIG weekend once again! :) But... ENJOYED every minute of it!
I already posted about Saturday morning- doll making, but I forgot that I had taken some "Dental Care" pictures. Ken is being a true dentist Dad making sure that everyone has clean teeth and fresh breath. The girls LOVE having their teeth cleaned- may it always be that way! Hailey having her 5 teeth brushed! She finally has has 2 more break through. Still missing a top front tooth- too cute!
Mattie took the more laid back approach- but enjoys it just the same. I think I might need to try their toothpaste!

Off and running- these are the pictures that I am getting these days- "action shots" (ha)!
The girls are constantly on the GO! We aren't walking on our own, but we are crusining like it could be anyday now. Mattie really gets a kick of standing for a few seconds by herself! THe girls are getting SO SO SO big!

I caught Mattie sitting! :) :) :) Now Mommy needs a nap. Thanks Grammy for these cute dress when we were little and cute tops now that we are bigger!

I can however get quite alot of "behind" shots! Happy MONDAY!

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Katy K. said...

Both of them are wearing clippy bows!!! Grow hair grow!