Monday, March 11, 2013

It's happened beFOUR I knew it....

These two little lovebugs turned 4 years old!!!

I can't believe it!  First of all- I think I should congratulate Ken and I- we made it the past 4 years with 2 babies... whew... Is there a medal for this?  Kidding- I have LOVED every minute of being their mommy!

ICouldn't be more proud of these 2 girls- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these 2!  
Special friends- Landon and Bailey from school.  We really enjoyed Brinca- bounce house with all of our new friends in Corpus!  

Honey and PaPa even made the trip!  They have been at EVERY party we have had for these 2- how special is that!!

Check it out- even the girl with the bum- BUM went down.  (it hurt- but hey, you only turn 4 once!)

I didn't have a theme this year- since we had it at Brinca, but I did make cute little face cut outs for the cupcakes- I was super happy with how it turned out!  :)

The first year no one cried when everyone sang!  
The Baird's gave us precious jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn and Honey and PaPa gave us our first "real" piece of jewelry to put them!  Do they know these 2 or what!! 

Thanks everyone for praying for us, thinking of us, and celebrating with us the past four years!  We have been very blessed by these two girls!  We LOVE you all!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Slope style with Mattie

Mattie going down with Mommy!

Snow Bunnies: Steamboat Springs, CO

Let's do this- 1st family vacation, post residency!!  We decided that we would like for the girls to grow up skiing! I have always LOVED to ski and Ken has always loved to do anything that could possibly injury him. Ha! 
After asking around, we decided on Steamboat- which was an amazing choice!    We flew into Hayden, CO and caught our hotel shuttle.  The girls are such great travelers! They are like their Mommy- we LOVE to be on the go!

In the snow the first time- these 2 LOVED it!  I was so worried about them getting cold, and then not loving it, but those were wasted worries! THEY LOVED IT!  Red face, cold fingers and noses, LOVED it!  We even planned a little surprise for the girls and extra help for Ken and I, Grammy and Pop Pop drove up for a little vacation with us!  I think we sold Pop Pop on trying to ski next time! :)  

Mattie and Hailey attended snow school for 4 days!  We originally signed them up for 3, but they had such a great time, they asked to go back.  Their teacher Miss Lindsey, was amazing!  

Watching these 2 ski was amazing!! They were adorable not to mention, pretty good! I will post a few videos.  
Ken and I attended a ski school of our own- Ken wanted to learn to snowboard and I wanted to spend time with him.  It was all fun and games until I broke my tailbone- literally- broke it. 

Here I am- looking awesome....

But this was more the reality.  All I was thinking- "why am I not skiing? I love skiing..."
On the 3rd day- i traded that ridiculous board for ski's and went out on my own and LOVED it!  Ken took his 3rd lesson and really got good!  Next time, he can have the board and I am sticking with skis.  Lesson learned, donut owned, and still feel the pain almost 2 months later.

 Mattie's Report Card skiing:
I loved that the girls got report cards! They really did do great! 
 Hailey's report card skiing:
 One day, while I was recovering and Ken practiced snowboarding- we met Ken's parents and rode to the top of the Gondola- the view was awesome!  We ate lunch up there.  It was a great, grown up time!

We even had time for some tubing- I think that was Grammy and Pop-Pop's favorite part! They went down more than us!  It was so fun to see and do with them.

These tubes brought out the kid in all of us!

 After the last day of ski school- I decided that I was ready to attempt the big mountain with the girls! They did great and LOVED it.  Having such a great experience only excites me for next year!
Mattie going down.
 Hailey with Mommy
Here we all are after our last run in Steamboat.  
I couldn't get over the sunset our last night in COLORADO.   
Breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!

What an amazing family vacation we had! Thank you Grammy and Pop Pop for helping us with the girls and experiencing the snow show with us!  We love you!
Rest sweet girls- skiing definitely takes it out of you...
(notice all the lights are on- I thought they were watching TV).