Friday, June 25, 2010

Moving or Pool???

You see which one I chose! Pool TIME! Today- I got to see a few of my favorite friends here in Galveston- the Acosta's and the Leimer's! We had such a fun time splashing in the pool with all of our kid-os! Don't you just want to "dive right in"?!?!? I was really curious to see how Mattie and Hailey would do at the pool, but they loved it- until they got sleepy/hungry. Next major question- after these floats (which they won't last much longer) what do I put them in to keep them floating!!!
Hailey and Sianna

The gang is all here- well almost...

Couldn't resist this picture-- look who found beads at the pool. I have a TRUE ACCESSORIZER on my hands! Thanks friends for having us over!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy (a little late) Father's Day!

Footprints "Walk a little slower Daddy, " said a child so small.
"I'm following your footsteps and I don't want to fall."

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they're hard to see;

So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I'm all grown up,
You're what I want to be;

Then I will have a little child
Who'll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,

And know that I was true;

So, walk a little slower, Daddy,

For I must follow you."
Happy Father's Day to a man that I love more than words could ever express! I am blessed beyond measure to be on this journey with you.

, Mattie and Hailey

Baby Blessings!

The girls and I finally made it back to Texas! We had a great trip to Memphis and appreciate all the love, help, and fun we had. I am so thankful that we were able to see so many of our favorite people while we were there. In the midst of the "chaos called life", I have had a few things tugging at my heart strings... I found myself focusing on the future. I don't mean that in the best way... I heard myself saying "once we are moved I will..., once we are settled..., once we are done with school..., once that is past us...," etc. It seemed to be a negative- like I was postponing the "fun" in life until something else was done. I want to enjoy the here and now- chaos or not. All too often, I think I get wound a little too tight because of the "lemons" thrown my way instead of focusing on making LEMONADE... so in the middle of our move down the street, 2 semi packed houses, and unsettledness I have decided to count my many blessings and enjoy seeing how God is going to use our family a little further down the road! I have two amazing little girls who are becoming such precious little people- and I don't want to miss a moment of it! They are sweet, loveable, fun and full of character! Not to mention- SO SMART! I talked to one of my favorite friends the other day- Katy K. and she said something that has really taken hold of my parenting philosophy: "Teach your children that today is their last day; treat your children as if today was their last day". Isn't that an amazing thought? Teach them that everyday is a gift from God and we don't know when He will call us home, teach them to live in the now and as parents to treat them as if there were no tomorrow....
Stop and play with your kid-os, give that extra hug, don't miss a moment to say "I LOVE YOU" and remind them that Jesus LOVES them too! Enjoy the gifts that God has given you- I am challenging myself to really focus on this as a way of life for our family! Thank you Katy for encouraging me as a mommy and as a sister in Christ! I love you sweet friend!

Look at the JOY in their faces! Mattie and Hailey just adore each other. Ken and I are so blessed! :)I think we may have 2 future dentists on our hands!
Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm gonna party like it's my BIRTHDAY!!!

Ken would agree- I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!! Mine, yours, anyone- I love a reason to celebrate and what better reason than being born! :) Instead of a cake this year- I wanted Rice Krispie Treats! Thanks mom for this treat!! Made my day!
Today- it is official.. I start the last year in my 20's. I have 354 days until I am 30! I remember when that sounded so "old". I better "live it up"! I had a great, low key day here in Memphis. Ken's mom kept the girls last night so I could sleep late and get ready to head back to Texas. She was so sweet to keep the girls for the better part of the day so I could enjoy shopping, manicure/pedicure, and those last minute errands I had to run.
First thing this morning- I saw Libby and here wish for me to have a happy birthday! Isn't that a cute idea?!!? LaLa is so creative! Now that LaLa has gone back to work part time- my mom is keeping Libby for her until the fall. It was so fun playing with her.
My mom and I decided to "surprise LaLa at work" with a cake a a visit from her little sweetnes- Libby. I think we made her day! I really am against anyone having to work on their birthday- it should be our own holiday! I may write my congressman on that one!
Libby and I outside of Walgreens Downtown. I love driving around down there- takes me back to when Ken and I lived there when he was in dental school. That seems like SO LONG ago.
Look who was surprised! Happy Birthday LaLa! Libby loved visiting her mommy and mommy loved showing her off to her new co-workers! :)
After our visit- I headed to the mall to do my favorite thing- SHOP! Later, I took a little nap, got a mani/pedi, and went to get my girls! I was so happy to see them. :) They had a great time at Grammy's! Here I am with Mattie!
Mommy-the birthday girl and Hailey!
My sweetness- Libby in the cutest onesie ever...
What a great day! Thanks for all of my birthday presents, texts, and posts! You really know how to make a girl feel special

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TUBES and a little shopping fun!

Here is some more Memphis visit fun! LaLa, the girls and I went shopping at some of our favorite places! Hailey decided she needed to check out several different shoes- none of which were in her size! Notice 3 in her lap, 2 on the floor and none left on the shelf. That's how we "roll". :)
Here Mattie is with her "bebe" at the surgery center waiting for tubes. We had a great experience! Dr. Klug took great care of us and hopefully will have Mattie all fixed up for a while!
After surgery0 isn't she precious! She did GREAT! :) Thank heaven for TUBES!
Later that day, I picked Hailey up from Grammy's (thanks for watching her so that I could completely focus on Mattie and hersurgery). We met up with LaLa for lunch. Hailey did great- she is such a little show off to anyone that pays any attention to her! Thanks for hanging with us!


Today- my mom, the girls and I drove to Jackson, TN to see one of my best college friends Marikay and her mom! Isn't she a doll! Marikay has an adorable 2 month old little boy named Ben- I am pretty sure that Mattie or Hailey could be his future girlfriend! It was great seeing both of them. We had so much fun talking about so many things that we used to do and how our lives have changed since then. We definitely had a lot of fun together in college and got in a little trouble too! (HA!)
We were able to go to one of our favorite restaurants- Rafferty's! I am am so glad that we were able to see each other...

The gang is all here! What a fun day! Can't wait to see you again in December!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Totally "TUBE"ular (take 2)!

Well, we knew it would happen and now it is-- Mattie is getting tubes put in on Monday. I have to say that I am glad- she has not left her right ear alone since we got to Memphis. Not to mention, the whole hospital ordeal. Since Mattie has had such a tough time with antibiotics and an ear infection that is NOT getting better on what she can take- Ken called in the "BIG GUNS"! Thanks to The Sexton's (our sweet Memphis friends) we were able to see Dr. Klug, an ENT in Memphis last Thursday. We appreciate him seeing us on such short notice! After looking at her ears- he said he would do tubes Monday morning. Ken and I both are glad that we are getting this behind us! I hate that Ken isn't going to be able to be here with us... but after seeing how easy and fast Hailey's tubes were- we both feel it is best to go ahead and get this done for Mattie! Here are a few pictures of her checking out the office room.
Please say a little prayer for Mattie tomorrow...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cousins, Cousins, and more COUSINS!!!

The other night the girls and I headed over to see Grammy, Aunt Dena, Aleyse and Alayna. While we were there Betty (Grammy's sister) and her granddaughter Elizabeth came by for a visit. Elizabeth was a flower girl in my wedding- and boy has she grown!!! She was so sweet to all of the "little" girls. Here she is holding Alayna.
We attempted to get a picture of all the girls... that was a sight...
Mattie is done!
Time to color with the big girls!
Working so hard. I can't get over how big my girls are getting! The girls had a great time playing with all of their cousins. See you again soon. LOVE YOU!

Good food, good friends, good times!!!

One of my favorite things about coming to Memphis is seeing some of my favorite friends... Elizabeth, Carla and I met up at Stix for dinner! It was great catching up with everyone- and boy so much has happened in all of our lives! I love knowing that I have such sweet friends here in Memphis to come back to in a few years! Let's do it again soon girls!!!
Yesterday- the girls and I were LUCKY enough to get to go see some more favorite friends, Jana and Belle! Let me just say- she is a DOLL! Jana and I have been friends for several years now and have always been able to pick up right were we left off :) Hailey, Mattie and Belle had the most fun playing. I love that we have girls that are so close in age. Here they are eating lunch together. After lunch, Jana had a sweet treat for us all...

Mattie taking it slow- one pinch at a time...
Hailey tore into hers!
After our lunch- we changed the girls and headed to the pool- after checking ourselves out in the stove.
Don't they look like they are in a deep conversation! How cute is then?!?!?
More pool fun. I am so excited that these girls love the water...
and we love being outside too!

What a fun day! Thanks so much Jana and Belle for letting the Haynes' girls come play! We can't wait to do this on a regular basis! We love you guys!