Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Tigger" aka Ken

For Halloween at East End Preschool- I have to dress up. I had my mom ship me a costume that I wore in college that I thought my 2 year olds would like and know. Last night when I thought Ken had headed to bed- I turn around and see him in my costume. (This is what I mean by adeventure being married to him!) I laughed so hard! He actually let me take a picture too!
Belle was not so crazy about the get up- here Ken is chasing her around our chair. Poor puppy! *Ignore the laundry in the chair. :(

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

*Adorable dresses made by Courtney Dillard- a very SPECIAL friend of mine in Nashville! Thanks for keeping my girls "Stylin!"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our visit to Lilly's Pad!!!

Let me start by saying- WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND we had!!! It started with a 5K for Breast Cancer. The girls and I decided that we would walk it in memory and honor of lots of great women that we have known that have been effected by this disease! So- HERE is to you!!! The girls dressed in the appropriate color- of course. We talked on the way to the race about their "Great Grandmother- Iva Connell" and how truly amazing she was- she was a breast cancer SURVIVOR that had a faith that could move mountains! I realize now more than ever what a blessing she was in my life- I will always try to do 5k's in her memory and honor. A side note- my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer when my sister and I were 18 months old- I have to give a major SHOUT OUT to my mommy- who was there for her every step of the way, while juggling very busy twins! I see now just how crazy her world had to be! WOW Mom- you ROCK!!! Here are some friends at the race- some chose to run- I am not to that point yet- but I do still want to like running... maybe one day....

The girls and I were the 1st stroller to cross the finish line! We came in 4th overall and 1st with the "stroller mom's"!

Daddy was SO proud of his girls! After the walk- we cleaned up, ate lunch and headed to Temple, TX!!! My sweet friends- The Kummerfeld's live there now. Katy was the first person that I met in Texas- and really helped me love Galveston from the moment we matched- she is more than a friend- we are heart friends. We lived 2 blocks from each other, taught 1st grade across the hall from each other, and spent a lot of "husband working" time together- that is until HURRICANE IKE :(
They are now set for good in Temple and the island just isn't the same!!! Anyway- in all this time- they now have a new addition- a precious baby girl: Lilly!!! She is 3 weeks old in these pictures!

Here all the girls are! What a priceless picture to me! We are so blessed with beautiful, healthy, happy, sweet babies and good friendship! My cup runneth over!

All the girls enjoying a cocktail!

Here is sweet Lilly trying on her first pair of my girls shoes! She is SO TINY!!!

Look at how big my girl Mattie is next to Lilly!

I love the feel of a baby in my arms- especially one as cute as you Lilly!

It was amazing catching up with Katy and seeing her as a mommy! She is a natural!

Sunday morning- we decided to head out to.....

Here my lil' Pumpkins are!!! TOO CUTE!

Daddy helping Hailey pick one out!

The 2 new mommy's! Doesn't Katy look GREAT- she has a 3 week old! Freak out!!! Like she was never pregnant!

A group shot- this one is frame worthy!

What a fun, special weekend! Thanks K's for letting us come and stay! See you soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's in the baby book!

On October 22- Mattie had enough hair to attach a bow- without a headband! I keep telling my girls when we are going to bed to dream about growing hair- looks like it is working. I know it is hard to actually see the hair in pictures, but it is there! Hailey has quite a bit too- I see a bow in the very near future! :) She is so happy- the Haynes girls LOVE some bows!!!
Mattie showing it off!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Mommy Must Haves!"

As most of you know- I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a new mommy! Everyday is a wonderful new adventure with my precious babies- Lauren, (my twin sister) says I say precious too much, but they are just that PRECIOUS!!!! :) I will say that in my 8 months of experience there are a few "MUST HAVES" when it comes to being a mommy! Here is my best list- please add what you think in my comments. I would love to hear your feedback!

Mommy Must Have #1- A plan- a FLEXIBLE plan
***Read ahead, plan for what is to come, but be ready to drop that plan and reevaluate, reassess, and redo your plan! A few books I liked: Babywise 1 and 2- using 2 now or Happiest Baby on The Block. Like most things however- do what works for your family!!!

Mommy Must Have #2- A SASSY Diaper bag
Every mom needs a diaper bag that she loves- this will most likely become your purse- so put down the Coach, Chanel, & Louis, purses and pick out a bag that looks good but can go through the ringer!!! Click here to see my favorite! OiOi

Mommy Must Have #3- BOPPY's!!!
Who knew that a C-shaped pillow could do so much! Trust me girls this is a must have! If you have twins like me- you need 2!

Mommy Must Have #4- Sleep Sacks- (Babies R Us, Carter's, even Target)
WOW WOW WOW! Do I sleep better at night knowing that they are warm, covered and safe. This amazing little sleeper zips on over their PJ's and won't cover their face as they sleep! Perfect! I recommend 2 -3 per baby!

Mommy Must Have #5-Hands Free Pump (Medela)
I HIGHLY recommend this pump if you are planning to go the "Nursing Distance"! It really does let me pack up take the girls out and not have to worry about an outlet to connect to! I pump in the car (not when I am driving), airport, everywhere. The price is a little steep- but OH SO worth it! About a dollar a day- if you nurse for a year!

Mommy Must Have #6- Hooter Hider

This goes great with the pump. It is a cute nursing/pumping cover so you can do it anywhere! It is made to where you have a little opening so you can see you baby. I love mine!

Mommy Must Have #7- Sleep Sheep

I never knew how important background noise was until I had my girls! I turn these on and the babies go right to sleep! It is amazing!

Mommy Must Have #8- HELP!

As a new mommy I have seen myself and several friends try and "do it all"- take my advice: you can't! If you are like me you have people that are always willing to help- many will offer- take it! If they don't offer- ask. It is ok!!

Mommy Must Have #9- Baby legs

(Especially for girls- not sure how I feel about them for boys- could be cute????)

I love these! The girls legs are covered, easy diaper changes with a onesie and they are styling! It is a win win!

Mommy Must Have #10-Baby book

This is a treasure of mine that I know I will grow to treasure more and more as time passes. It is really funny what you do forget- in my short time as a mommy, so much as happened. This is a great way to remember your little ones first year!

Mommy Must Have #11 Trumpette Socks (just for you Laura)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these socks- not only do they come in lots of different shoe styles (mary jane, ballet, boots) but they come in lots of colors! These socks look like shoes and stay on little active feet GREAT!!! Mattie tugged on them all day today and didn't successfully get one off until 5:20pm tonight! Can't have to many of these!

Hope my Mommy ramblings helps you... it is alot of fun thinking about what works and tricks of the trade! I am sure I will have more thoughts now that my girls are on th GOOOOO!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Hands by JJ Heller

I loved this song the first time I heard it! What a continuous comfort that we are always in God's Hands! How GREAT that is!!! Heaven Stands through it all! If you need a little inspiration- check it out!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Vitamin D for us all!

I heart SUNSHINE!!! OK- so I officially was knocked to my knees Wednesday night (ALL Wednesday night) with a stomach bug/food poisoning/close to death... anyway, I was still sick Thursday- so long sad story short Ken had to stay home from work for no other reason than to take care of the girls and me- POOR GUY! He really stepped up and did ABOVE and BEYOND when it came down to it. I fell in love with him all over again- watching him feed the girls, get me medicine, laundry, a little TLC for all 3 of us, Lysol our house, vaccum, more meds, more feedings and naptime with out pacifiers (YES- we ARE breaking this habit- and quite successfully if I do say so myself), serving Sprite and Jello, more TLC, bathing the girls, putting them to bed, and so much more- I did have a very groggy day- THANK YOU PHINEGRIN (sp?) Sorry Lauren...
So after a very nasty 36 hours- this afternoon I decided we all need some sunshine and fresh air. Mattie & Hailey loved it. I think they were thrown for a loop yesterday when they could see me, but I wasn't moving or holding them (Ken and I decided it best if I kept my distance in case it was viral). Here are a few shots I got in the SUNSHINE!!! I loved this picture of Hailey! She is just so easy to excite! I love that about her.
Mattie- looks like such a big girl! She is really ready to go- she only goes in reverse right now when it comes to crawling but I know she is going to figure out how to put it in drive soon! Isn't she ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!?!

Yes- she did and yes I captured the moment- right before she fell over. Hailey has officially sat up- once. Mattie is still thinking it over. :)

If you people could only see the links I go to for these pictures! You might ask me if I do Birthday parties (get it- as a clown).

Our stroll on the beach- in the SUNSHINE. It is never to early to worry about CROW's FEET!

Loving the double stroller and watching our dog play in the ocean! Mattie just loved laughing when the breeze blew- priceless!

My most favorite things: My amazing and handsome husband, with my beautiful daughters, and our sweet (to those she knows) dog- at the beach! What more could a girl ask for!!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ready for "Baby Bootie" Camp!

Hailey is officially on the GO! She has now started and there is NO stopping her! :) :) :) I can't believe it. Mattie isn't quite on the move yet- but you can tell she is trying. Mattie does get up on all 4 (arms and legs) trying to crawl the right way. Hailey decided that she would crawl like she is in the army. So cute- take a look at the clip. By the way I do not let her play with my phone or pump- but these are the 2 things I can count on getting her to crawl towards!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Surrounded by LOTS of LOVE!

Let me start off by saying we had one of the BEST weekends EVER! So much has happened... both sets of grandparents were able to visit and be here for our dedication on Sunday. It was great getting to spend time with each set! I know they loved seeing how much the girls have grown and changed! They were definitely LOVED on big time this weekend! Here Mattie is with her teething bunny- we love that thing!

Hailey crawling at the camera- yes- I said it- we are MOBILE and by mobile I mean EVERYWHERE!
Hailey and G-Daddy just talking! :) He is so silly!

Honey letting Mattie use her as a seat!

Grammy with both girls in Halloween gear that Honey bought us! We LOVE to be seasonal.

Here we are in our cute polka dot dresses that Grammy brought us with Pop Pop and Daddy! We are 2 stylish diva's!

What a great time we all had! Thanks so much for making the trip to visit us! Come again soon!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is the day that the Lord has MADE!!!

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..." Matthew 19:14
Today is the day our sweet Mattie and Hailey were dedicated! This was such an incredible day!!! Ken and I have prayed since before the girls were here that they would come to know the Lord at an early age and be amazing little disciples to the world around. I feel today is the first of many "baby" steps in their faith walk. Here my little family is outside of First Baptist Church Galveston. They are in dresses that were made just for them out of my mom's (their Honey) wedding dress! This made the day even more special!!!

All the granparents were able to come down and share in our big day- above is Ken's parents (Grammy and Pop-Pop) below is my mom and day (Honey and G-Daddy)! We had the best time with all of our extended family around!

Dr. Meador- our Pastor holding BOTH girls! They did so good!!!

Another sweet baby- The Dickerson's little Henry was also dedicated today with us! What a cutie!
Afterwards, we had several of our closest friends over for a celebration of this big DAY!
Our menu:
Rolls, deviled eggs, potato salad, Honeybaked Ham, baked beans, and Lemonade Dream cake for desert! YUM!!! Here are a few of our "set up" pictures!

We have a special book for everyone to sign "God Gave Us You". I thought this was a good way to commerate who all was with us on this day!

Some of the girls: Addy and me with Cora, Christen and Merideth!

A good friend, Brooke with Mattie and Ally!

Ken's mom with Mrs. Meador and Hailey!

Davis (10 days old) already surrounded by women!!

Jonathan, Cora, David and Ken with Mattie!

Brooke and I- what a good friend. I admire her as a Mommy so much! She and I definitely have alot in common! :) :) :)

Last but not least the OMFS guys! Jack, David and Ken!!! :) What a SPECIAL day! Thanks everyone for joining us and sharing in our daughters dedication. We love you all! More soon of our weekends with all of our grandparents!