Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From our Family to Yours...

Once upon a time, A long, long time ago.
Begins the story of a baby,
That most of you should know.
His daddy's name was Joseph,
And Mary was His mom,
This babe was very special
He was God's only Son.
Some angels came from heaven,
And they began to sing.
To the shepherds in the fields below,
"Glad tidings do we bring!"
A bright star lit the heavens,
To light the magi's way,
To the baby in the manger
Who was born on Christmas day.
And all who gathered round Him,
Rejoiced and praised His birth.
For the babe, the King, named Jesus,
Is our Saviour here on earth!

I pray that the true spirit of Christmas is in your heart this holiday season. May you and your family be VERY blessed in 2010! I am hoping my next post will be of my sister- Lauren's sweet baby girl- Libby Addison Baird. Please pray that Mommy and baby have a safe, healthy delivery...
It is so funny- I think as a new Mommy- knowing what is to come for Lauren and Scott- I can hardly stand it- I am BURSTING with excitement!!! I can hardly wait to get my little hands on her- but I will Lauren (until you say I can!) :) :) :)


Festival of Lights- Moody Gardens

Sunday night- we loaded up the girls in their PJ's and took them to Moody Gardens to walk through the Festival of Lights. We were a little cranky in the car (since this is not our usual routine)- but once we got there, they had a blast looking at all the pretty lights!
Daddy and Mattie- I love these BIG smiles!!! Mommy and Hailey- with the ocean behind us.

Daddy and Hailey- she was really loving on him. I think she was saying "Thank You". She kept kissing him. He loved it! :)

Mommy, my girls, and a zebra- need I say more???

Our family in front of the water! Amazing night, tons of fun! Can't wait to go back next year...
Our night ended by Ken and I swinging in to Wing Stop- picking up dinner and heading home. It was a great family date night- hopefully a tradition.

We've got the "Christmas Spirit"- Oh YES we DO!!

I couldn't resist posting these ADORABLE smiles!!! :)
You two are the BEST gift I could have ever been given!
Merry 1st Christmas Mattie and Hailey!

Santa Claus"has "COME" to Town!!!

This past Saturday- The Haynes Family celebrated our first Christmas with the girls! Santa decided he would visit a little early since we will be in and out during Christmas. Here are a few pictures from that WONDERFUL morning. Daddy fixed the us all pancakes for breakfast!!! YUM!!!
Mattie and Hailey loved the yummy breakfast. They are really doing well transitioning to "real" food. I didn't put syrup on the girls pancakes- I mean really??? Who needs that mess!

Let Christmas Morning begin...

The presents ready and waiting!

Mattie and Hailey got the cutest chairs from their Grammy and Pop-Pop. They love to sit in them and look like such BIG girls!!!

Hailey loving her pink truck! One of my favorite friends- Courtney sent the girls these precious CUPCAKE (she knows how much I like CAKE- HAHAH) PJ's. You are the BEST!

OH- SO SO big!!!

Santa gave the girls a Fisher Price doot that does all kinds of things- they have gotten the biggest kick out of crawling in and out, turning lights on and off, and playing with all accessories.

Daddy and Mattie opening presents...

Mommy and Hailey...

The girls and I- what a GREAT day!
We finished up our weekend by heading to Moody Gardens to see the "Festival of Lights". It was a great time to go. I'll post those pictures soon!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

"All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth! See?"

Ok- so this isn't the most flattering angle of anyone- but I think Mattie looks like a cutie and you can see her 2 front teeth!!! She now officially has 4 that have broken through- 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Hailey has one on the bottom- and won't let me get a picture- YET. If she is anything like Mattie, she is going to wake up one morning and have 3 more in her mouth. :) The girls have been great teethers- not really fussy at all (except one day, late in the afternoon). They have slowly been transitioning to "real" food- cooked carrots, green beans, bread, baby goldfish, avocado, etc...
It is such a fun season in our lives!
Hope Santa brings you what you want this year. More soon on the girls first Santa visit!
Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh (pink) Christmas Tree!

I can't believe I haven't posted a picture of my favorite tree in the house- the girls tree! I bought this pink tree last year before Mattie and Hailey were born! I LOVE it! I really screams "GIRLY"! I made almost all of the ornaments on it too! So much fun! Here are a few nursery/baby pictures!

Hailey found her headband bag!

Mattie just might want to be a photographer soon!

Our "Little Diva" Tree! Aren't the stockings perfect too!!! I just LOVE it! Merry (pink) Christmas!

A little "Galveston Glamour"! Holiday Ball 2009

This past weekend was THe Junior League of Galveston County Holiday Ball! It was SO fun for Ken and I to have a date night! The theme was "Galveston Glamour". Everyone was really into it! Here are a few pictures from our night out! Mattie and Hailey watching Mommy and Daddy get ready.
Our friends the Vance's- (also Laura is M & H's teacher) they came over to watch the girls for us to go out!! I am so glad they are here for at least another year! You guys are such great friends!

Let date night begin...

Ken and Brandon Perez- both in residency at UTMB.

Amanda, me, and Lindsey... looking good girls!

Lindsey x2 and me! For dinner we were all that the same table- it was a great night, with great friends!

Parent's night out! Davis (Lindsay and Brandon have a 2 month old son- Davis)

More friends from our table! Time to dance!

Oh what a night! Can't wait until next year! :) :) :)
Thanks sweet Vance's for making this night possible. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to TOWN!!!

So yesterday Santa was on The Strand- a sweet little shopping street near our house. We decided that would be the perfect place for the girls to have their first picture made with Santa!Along with everything else- I was so excited for this time. The girls were doing great- long naps, good moods, tummy full! It was the perfect set up... Mommy and Mattie on the Strand
Daddy and Hailey on the Strand

Then we see Santa- it was HILARIOUS! Not so much that the girls weren't thrilled, but the actually guy dressed as Santa. He was just sitting by himself- no line to wait in- so we walked right up to lonely Santa- asked him if he thought he could hold both- he didn't seem so sure- so we did one at a time. Did I mention that Santa looks 18? It was truly PRICELESS to me. :)

Neither of my girls were very thrilled with this Santa! Oh the memories!
Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Come ALL Ye Faithful!

Last night, our sweet friends and neighbors opened thier home for us and 2 other couples for a dinner celebration! Our friends- The Kummerfeld's had brought Lilly (their 2 month old baby girl) to the beach for the first time. It was GREAT! Christen went to so much trouble- her house looked GREAT and she even made homemade lasagna!!! You GO GIRL! Lindsay brought a great salad and I made "Monkey Bread"! YUM!!! Here are a few pictures of our night! Mattie and Cora playing together. I think Cora was loving having all of her friends over!
Lilly and Davis- before their cocktail hour. Aren't they ADORABLE! I see a future romance here. Davis is one day older than Lilly- how cute is that?!?!

The girls!

The guys- and Hailey! We have double duty at these get togethers!

Does it scare anyone else that the Mommies are out numbered already??? Scares me daily! HAHA! I love it- the girls were SO SO SO good last night. I was so proud of them. I think they love a new place to explore.

The Daddy's! Out numbered as well!
All in all it was a great night! We are truly blessed to have such great friends here in Texas! Let's do this again soon!