Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday: Day 4

Happy Tuesday! Since The Haynes Family had a CRAZY BUSY weekend- I decided that one birthday day should be spent at home. :) I didn't do the typical laundry, cleaning, and baby loving- I focused only on the girls! Sorry Ken, no homecooked dinner tonight. We played, sang songs, read books and watched a little Sesame Street. We ended our fun by cleaning up- taking our first bath together. It was so cute. Both Mattie and Hailey love bathtime and they especially loved having another friend to play with in the tub! Mattie looks so big in this picture! :) What an adorable little girl!

Hailey gets the biggest kick out of gathering up all the bath tub toys! Isn't that just about the sweetest smile????

Sitting together :)

Playing together! I don't know who really ended up getting the bath- the girls or me? But we had a great time! :)


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