Monday, November 14, 2011

Corpus Christi, TX

A big shout out to Ken's parents for watching our sweet girls while we went to interview in Corpus! It is such an exciting time for us! I can't wait to see where the Lord is preparing for us to live! We really did love this new beach area... stay tuned... we should know something in the upcoming months!
The view from our hotel room... we got to eat at the Republic of Texas- in the Omni Hotel- AMAZING with a MAGNIFICENT view!!!
We also visited Padre Island- lots more to see and do though...

Visiting Daddy at work :)

For Mattie and Haiely's 2nd birthday, my sweet friend Jana gave the girls their own scrubs. Whenever M & H wear them they call themselves "Dr. Mattie" or "Dr. Hailey"- so cute! I really wanted a picture of Mattie and Hailey with their Daddy at UTMB- all in scrubs.
The girls loved walking around the hospital.
My favorite picture- my 3 favorite people walking toward "Old Red". The original UTMB. The building is still being restored after Ike damage. That is one thing I love about this island- the history. Everything has a story and now it is part of our story! :)

Daddy's office- the girls thought they were BIG stuff.

"Doctor, Doctor... give me the news!"


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Star of the Week: Mattie

What a fun week! Mattie got to pick her favorite book- "How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?", her favorite toy- which happened to be her Halloween happy from Honey a dog that sings, she even got to share her favorite snack: marshmallows! It was so fun hearing her talk about being "tar of the week" :)
If you haven't heard me mention it, let me post about it- Ken's worst fear has come true...
Mattie is BOY CRAZY!!! This is Cadin- who she LOVES! Everyday she tells me that she saw Cadin or that she played with Cadin, or that Cadin scared her and she likes it. OH NO- we are going to have our hands FULL- but right now, it is SO CUTE! :) :) :)