Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Week: Day 6

It is ONLY appropriate that during BIRTHDAY WEEK we go "Under the Sea"! Today was extra special- Daddy got home early enought to go with us to Moody Gardens Aquarium! This was our first experience with anything like this- I had my fingers crossed- and the girls did great! Some of the many fishes we saw!
Daddy showing the girls the fish.

There are TONS of huge tanks here-floor to ceiling. I guess that is kind of the point- but in my defense the "Memphis zoo" has alot, but they are much smaller.

Mattie (thumb in tow) and Hailey watching the fish swim by. They both would get so excited and just kick, kick, kick and giggle. By the end of the tour they were squealing and chatting it up- almost as if they were discussing their favorite part of the aquarium.

Hailey getting a REAL kick out of the penguins!

Mattie loved them too!

SO did Mommy! I always loved teaching the "Penguin" Unit in Kindergarten. The best was putting Crisco in ziplock bags then another bag to put your hand in (so you don't get Crisco on your skin) and then dipping it in ice water- simulating their thick skin and how penguins can swim in such cold/icy water. Sorry- a little bit of teacher came out!
Daddy with his little sea urchins! Does this scene remind anyone else of the movie Jaws? Ken said he never saw that one. I did and wish I hadn't!

I thought that Ken just thought I looked cute when he told me to smile- only did I realize what was really happening when I uploaded these pictures- too close for comfort!

Towards the end we let the girls out of the stroller and crawl around- there weren't many people at the aquarium today. The girls loved it!

They kept reaching for the fish! Isn't that a sweet picture? I feel like they are asking the fish to hold their hands.

All in all- VERY SPECIAL day! I am so thankful that we made these memories with Daddy!
*Day 7- not tomorrow, but one day this weekend!


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Katy K. said...

What fun you had!!! Your girls look so pretty in lavender! I can't wait to read about Day 7!