Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful for friends and school

Sweet Mattie and Hailey's placemats. 
I love what they said they were thankful for this year! :)
A sweet song sung by their class.

Mattie's hand turkey

We just love Mrs. Cage!

Pilgrims and Indians gather together for a feast!

My favorite pilgrim Hailey and indian Mattie!

I am so THANKFUL for these 2 little girls!  They bring such joy and LOVE to our lives!
Happy turkey day!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy 32nd Daddy-O!

This year- the girls decided SPIDERMAN should be the theme... so we did it- SPIDERMAN style! 
We LOVE a good party and cake!

We hope you feel special Daddy!

We LOVE you!

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet!

This year we were all out PRINCESSES! This is our newest thing! We LOVE all things pink, purple, sparkly, and PRINCESS!  We have princess beds, princess breakfasts, princess naps, you name it- this mom sticks "princess" in front of it and they love it!
Hailey- I mean: "Sweeping Booty" and Mattie as Rapunzel painted the Southside red!

These 2 were even able to get their Daddy to dress up as "Spiderman".  This shirt on this man is an amazing accomplishment- you go girls!

We were able to go with a big group of friends we have made here in Corpus and their kid-os!  Look at these cuties! I LOVE this photo.
We quickly got the hang of this... candy thing. 

Hailey was a champ!  I think she would still be going if it were up to her.  Mattie on the other hand... after about 1/2 mile walk/house visits... she wanted to be held.  So you do what a mommy does... I held her.
The most precious moment of the night was towards the end when we walked to the door of a sweet couples house and Mattie said "trick or treat, do you have any water?" I literally laughed outloud... out of the mouth of babes.  The sweet lady went and got her a water bottle.  Next year, I am coming prepared, Mattie- PROMISE.
After a long night- the LOOT!
The girls had a blast!  What a great night!!

October in a glance...

It's been too long... her is a little bit of what we have been up to here in Corpus. 

October kept us busy!  We kicked off the Halloween season by visiting a PINK Pumpkin Patch in honor of breast cancer awareness.  It was great.  All pumpkins were sold for $20 and all profits went to breast cancer research.  LOVE that! 

Next up: St. James Preschool Pumpkin Patch
The headmaster read all 2 and 3 year olds a book.  I love how mine made it front a center no doubt.

We each picked a pumpkin.

Had a great time with our new friends!

Mattie was SO proud she found the "tiniest" pumpkin in the patch.
Later that week, their school had a Fall Festival that was a hoot.  It was our first cold front, so we had to cover the cute costumes- but once a princess- ALWAYS a princess.
Our sweet new friends, Olivia and Miss Rosie

Mattie loved the petting zoo, especially the bunny.

Hailey loved the games and was great at them!

We had a delicious dinner of funnel cakes and corn dogs! 
The real highlight of the night was the train... We rode...
and rode...

and rode! 
It was a great experience for the whole family!