Monday, March 1, 2010

VIva Las Vegas!!!

You know they say what happens in Vegas- stays in Vegas, but I had too much fun not to share! HA!
Ken and I had the opportunity to go on a "mini" couples trip this past weekend. Ken was attending a conference for his job- and I was able to tag along since my mom gave me my ticket as a an early birthday present! Isn't she GREAT! The BEST part was- my mom, sister- Lauren and itty-bitty neice- Libby came to babysit my girls for us! They did great! I know they probably deserve the vacation now. Here is a picture of Libby when I picked them up at the airport! Isn't she a DOLL!?!?! I just LOVE her! She has started smiling and cooing- I just wanted to keep her here!!! Check out the special outfit she was just for the Haynes girls! PERFECT! Mattie and Hailey were fascinated by her and loved peeking in the pack and play at her. I can only imagine what these girls will get into in the coming years! :) I love that they are going to be so close in age! Ok- so we leave the "sitters" all set and head out early Thursday morning!
Here is where we stayed- the rooms were GREAT! They even had a tv in the bathroom mirror- a little extra I never knew I was missing out on! HA!

Although it was a little chillier than I had expected- the trip was perfect! We did alot of walking, sightseeing, SHOPPING, and spending time together! It was really nice to just be a couple for a little bit- especially knowing my girls were in such good hands!
Vegas has so much to offer- the sights, fountains, shops, restaurants, and GREAT people watching! (A personal favorite of mine!) Since this was Nascar weekend- we saw LOTS of interesting people- including a few famous ones Kim Kardashian, Bobby Gordon, Carrot Top, Buttkis (a baseball or football player?), and Jay Leno! We actually went to his comedy show and I will say it was well worth it!

One of my favorite parts was going in all the different hotels and shops- I have a running list of the ones I want to stay at next time! Bellagio, Wynn... just for starters!

The Venetian- you can actually ride on a canal around the hotel! Wild!!!
The last night there- Ken and I found a dueling piano bar and had the best time singing and watching people karaoke (sp?)! I was amazed! Thank you Mom, Lauren, and Libby for making this weekend happen for us! I feel like a NEW Mommy!

Of course we had to bring my lil Lobster Libby a happy! Here she is with her new bunny!
I also got my girls a little something too (of course)- I'll post them wearing it soon! :) I really missed them when I was gone! I kept thinking I was forgetting something.

Glad to be home- time to get back in to a routine! I did have to have picture with my Lobster!
Keep in mind this picture was taken around 1:00am!
I just LOVE her!!! MAWAAAAH Lobster!

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