Friday, April 19, 2013

Playing catch up...

So much to tell you about, so little time...
We were able to sneak off to Galveston for the night in February.  Ken is now on staff at UTMB, so that the residents can come down to Corpus and do surgeries with him here.  How cool is that?!?  Professor Ken- I like it.  
Plus he has seen some pretty crazy cases here.  I am constantly in awe of what he does...
We met up with some of our favorite friends

Daddy ate at one of our favorite places,
Mommy shopped...

We got to see Baby Ellie and Mrs. Laura.  Great visit- can't wait to go back in May!  
Up next... Heart Ball

I was asked to be on the auction committee for The American Heart Associations Heart Ball and LOVED every minute of it.  I met amazing people and really jumped right in to Corpus- not to mention the Ball was a lot of fun!  

Our friends, The Davis were able to go too.  It was a great night our for us all- raising money for an awesome organization.

Misty- my sweet Galveston & CC friend- our hubby's both finished at the same time and we both moved to Corpus within weeks of each other.  I just wish I had known her longer in Galveston. 

Another BIG milestone: Belle's 5th Birthday! The girls and I took her to get her yearly visit.  I had great helpers that day! I am pretty sure the vet answered every "why?" question these 2 could think of while we were there.

Mattie still wants to be a "bunny doctor" when she grows up.  Hailey wants to be a "mommy".  Love the little hearts these 2 have.

Two little girls also got a 4 year check up...  
Our stats:
38lbs (75%)
42 in. (83%)

34lbs (50%)
39in (48%)

They were real troopers-- but this picture was the calm before the storm-- no one warned me how TERRIBLE the 4 year visit is.... they each got 4 shots (2 in each leg).  Mommy had to restrain them.  Mattie went first- screamed like I have never heard.  As Hailey saw this, she flipped out making her turn twice as hard- she fought me and the nurses.  Needless to say, I earned that glass of wine that night. 

Having 4 year old has been a ton of fun- they are learning and doing SO much.  Here Hailey is showing Mattie how to button and unbutton her shirt.

Mattie has officially given up her thumb- PRAISE the Lord.  At first it was a little rocky- she actually replaced her thumb with another finger, but thankfully we nipped that in the bud too.  She is SO proud and so are we!
We are still LOVING gymnastics and dance.

Does this picture scream SASSY or what?!?!

They love to be pampered at the "fingernail store", but SO DOES MOMMY.  This is one of the many reasons why I love having little girls.  Another is:
The American Girl Doll fashion show in Temple, TX.  My bestie, Katy, was the chairman for this event and it was beyond anything I could imagine.  The girls LOVED being able to sit with their dolls and have a tea party.  

Hailey wanted to be on stage so bad! Mattie kept asking her doll, "Are you having fun, baby?"  It was adorable.

Huge success- SO PROUD of Mrs. Katy!  We love you!

Real Live American Girl Dolls

Belle is still up to NO GOOD... ALL the time. 

A big leap forward for Mattie was the addition of glasses!  I noticed that her left eye would slightly look off sometimes when she stared at something.  I was concerned, so we went to the Optometrist.  Turns out she is farsighted and has astigmatism.  She has done great with her glasses- I even let her pick them out.  They are blue- of course!

I have to say, she looks adorable in them. 

Hailey still loves Mommy's closet, especially my shoes.  This is how she watches TV most days.  

Happy Easter!

We celebrated with 3 Easter egg hunts, lots of food and fun!

We even had a little visit from our cousin, Cameron, Aunt Rachel, and Uncle Greg.  It was so fun showing them around Corpus.

We had a family day at the beach- Ken did his annual "fry Ken" 1st burn.  He looked like a LOBSTER!

Up next- EASTER... the girls loved talking about the Easter bunny coming, but just like Santa- Hailey wanted me to make sure he wouldn't come in our house- that I would meet him at the door and get the baskets... so I did :)

We had our 1st Easter brunch at the Corpus Christi Country Club- It was great!  The Cutbirth's invited us to join them for lunch and a hunt.  The girls had a blast!

They also introduced us to a South TX tradition- confetti eggs!  It was great!

We have had lots of tea parties, lots of fun...
Cowgirl day at school

Even a Mommy night out with some of my favorite CC ladies!

Ken has gotten to do quite a bit of hunting when he isn't on call.  

Mother/Daughter Tea Party at Tippi Toes

Our new swing set


Learning to swing
and the sweetest of all- the glasses are helping Mattie see so that she too can learn to write her name.