Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy "BOO" to YOU!

Happy Halloween 2010! It is so hard to believe how much my littles have changed in a year! (weren't they the cutest lovebugs- EVER?)
Funny how the pose is so similar... (minus Tigger). This year really has been alot of fun! Friday night Daddy came home and we headed to a Pumpkin Patch in League City. It was so cute. The girls love anywhere that they can run around and play!
We love our Tu-Tu dresses HONEY!!!

Hailey found hers!

Mattie found hers too!

A wheel barrel- just my size!

Mommy and Hailey- Happy Fall Ya'll!

Daddy and Mattie- she did love the gourds. I was afraid I might have to try and carve one of those! After we left the patch- pumpkins in tow, we ate at Las Hacienda. It was by far the best "littles out to eat" experience yet! They did great. The place was just loud enough they could be noisy and no one knew- just busy enough to keep them entertained and just yummy enough to satisfy Mommy and Daddy's Mexican food craving! :)
Saturday morning after Ken rounded- we headed to Katy, TX to Dewberry Farms- a petting zoo. It was so much fun!

The first sign we saw!
It was so cute seeing all the animals, because now they know so many of them and can make their little noises!

Mommy and Mattie with the "nah's". (horses)

Daddy and Hailey with a goose or duck as the girls said. This picture was taken right before Hailey was grabbed up by Daddy and the goose got a hold of Ken's pants! HAHAHAHAH!
Next we went for pony rides... Hailey loved it- Mattie wouldn't even get on.
Sunday rolled around and we had a BIG day to say the least! We started at church, headed home for a nap, back to church for a Fall Festival, dinner, then Trick or Treating!! Here are a few pictures of our fun- busy day!

Daddy's little x-rays!!!

Our favorite Mrs. Laura!! She too remembered having to carry them last year in the EEP parade- my how things have changed!

Playing a few games- earning Mommy and Daddy some candy!!! Which I began to wonder how much candy I lost through the years to my parents???

Our little friend Minnie Mouse (Elizabeth)- Hailey was fascinated by her costume.

Sweet Miss Sherry, our pastor's wife. The girls loved her game. :)

Kate, Laura and I at the festival.

Ready to Trick or Treat- not starting out in the best of moods! HA!

Getting better!

Looks like we have a BIG kid in the group! HAHAHAHA!

JB (Baker's dog) was dressed as a hot dog! SO CUTE!!!

We got our candy- let's go girls!

On our way home we stopped at a haunted house- i think I was more afraid then the girls were! The man asked us to come on up- I said "I think it is a little too scary for the littles (or mommy), but he promised he would take his mask off... no need the girls weren't phased by it. Turned out this man- is the president of the neighborhood association.
Overall Halloween was a HUGE hit!!!

Hope you got lots of treats and no tricks!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Need I say more...

That's my girl... little Erin!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'll take you to the candy shop...

What a GREAT, FUN FILLED weekend for The Haynes Family! It started Saturday mid morning at Octoberfest. The littles loved being able to kind of run free and see all the sights. Their favorite however was the petting zoo- finally animals they were bigger than. :)
2 cuties! After a fun time of chasing- we grabbed some lunch and headed home for a nap and I got ready to go to the Children's Center Ball at Moody Gardens. My sweet friend Laura came and kept the girls for a little bit since Ken got called in for face trauma (a lady "fell off" the seawall face first- I saw pictures of this- you don't want to fall off the seawall!) I don't think I spend enough time in awe of what my husband does! He literally takes peoples face, mouths, etc- that have been mangled and puts them back together- the before and after pics- amaze me!
Ken- you are truly gifted in what you do! (apologize for sidenote!)

Headed to the ball- with one of my favorite Galveston Gals- Liz! To say we had a blast was an understatement!!! We worked the candy bar- job included explaining what the candy bar was, taking donations, and helping fill bags of candy! I was in CANDY HEAVEN! It was a precious idea and another great fundraiser!

The two sweetest things! :) HA!

There were 2 tables just like this!! OH- TEMPTATION! Anyone that knows me at all- know I have a MAJOR sweet tooth.

I had to take a picture of these "throwback" candies- they reminded me of my Nanny and Grandpa. I would eat these all the time at their house growing up- great memories of amazing people! I miss you both! When I got home...

I saw my sweetest things! Hailey cracking me up hanging out of the crib!

This picture is actually during nap after church. I just love the arm up and mid-drift she is rockin!

"Mommy, I can turn ANYTHING into an accessory!"

Anyone know a good chiropractor?!?! HA! :)

Gotta love these littles!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Gangs all here!

This past weekend- we were so lucky to have the entire Sutton, Baird, Haynes crew all together! We haven't had that since last Christmas! Everyone ventured our way and we had an amazing visit. I hadn't seen Libby (or any of the others since June) so alot has changed. It was so much fun playing, chasing, reading, talking, laughing, and just being together. LaLa, Lobster and Hailey- greeting in the driveway!
Hi Honey and Uncle Skeet- we have missed you!

Lobster let me hold her right on the bat- which is evidentally a very good sign. She is at that stage where she really only wants her mommy or daddy- but you can add Sugar to that list! :)

Hailey had to have the attention of the guys for a better part of their time! I think EVERYONE played "Oscar" at least some point during their stay.

Mattie- isn't that a sweet picture! I just love how angelic she looks. One day I am going to miss that sweet habit.... hopefully.

Sassy pants Hailey strutting her stuff.

Mattie and Uncle Skeet!

On Monday- we headed to the Aquarium at Moody Gardens- it was so much fun. The last time we took the girls they were 12 months old, not walking, and not that interested...

this time was a totally different story! They loved it! Mattie and Hailey kept pointing and saying "fish". So CUTE! Libby seemed to enjoy it too once she was out of the stroller.

What do you think a Macaroni or a Rockhopper?

Mattie and her Best Friend bunny- doesn't it look like they are having a conversation?

Honey and me!

Exploring the "hands on" exhibit...

Scott scaring us all...
All 3 girls favortie part... PENGUINS!!!

I think all 3 made a buddy.

Hailey- checking out the sponges.

Scott- jail? Hmmm...

Please Lord- do not let me ever see this!?!?!

I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

How sweet is that picture! We LOVE G-Daddy and Honey! The last night everyone was here- my sweet friend Laura babysat all 3 littles so that all the adults could go to dinner at Rudy and Paco's to celebrate Ken's BIG birthday that is right around the corner. It was AMAZING! Once LaLa heard that Libby was sound asleep we were able to sit back and enjoy a meal not involving sippy cups, thrown food, toys to entertain... you know the drill. A great night- a great visit- great family! We love you all! Can't wait to see everyone again Thanksgiving!