Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Almost ONE!

Can you believe it...
Mattie and Hailey are almost 1 year olds! Blows my mind how fast time has gone. We are getting super excited to about several things in our world:
*Our Pink Pancake Birthday Party
*Turning ONE! I have lots of activites planned for their birthday WEEK!!!
*Mardi Gras starts Friday (this is BIG in Galveston)
*Alayna's birthday
*Seeing Aunt LaLa and Honey... and most of all LIBBY!
*Vegas for Mommy and Daddy
*Seeing little Andi Neagle
and so much more I can't think of.... pictures soon!


1 comment:

The Gamble's said...

I'm a fan of the visit to see Andi Neagle . We hope to see her sometime soon too. And the pink pancake party that sounds like tons of fun!