Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday babies: Day 1

Let BIRTHDAY WEEK BEGIN!!!! It started with a BANG! Mattie and Hailey woke up this morning to the smell of "pink" pancakes on the griddle! Made with lots of LOVE by our very special "Chef" Daddy! Since the party was at 10am our menu was:
Pink Pancakes with lots of toppings (Sprinkles, whip cream, choclate chips, etc)
Fruit Salad

Favor table
One idea that I just love is having all of your guest sign a book for the "Birthday Girls"! What a great way to remember this BIG DAY! :)

Our sweet LOVEBUGS throughout the year! The girls have grown and changed so much! I am so BLESSED to get to teach and learn from them every day. These girls are my heart!

Great friends Lindsay and Brandon with lil' heartbreaker Davis!

Mattie and Mommy...

We have learned where Mommy's nose is- SO SMART!!!!

Some of the guys- whipping up the "pink pancakes"- which is now a tradition. PINK comes out only on birthday! :)

Hailey and Mommy...

THe whole gang is here... but not for long! Is it just me or do we have some SUPER CUTE babies?!?!

Our living room decoration: the girls love to watch the fan spin! :)

Laura and Hailey

Renee, Ruby, Lindey and Lindsay- another CUTE baby!

The Brokaw famiy- so sweet!

Mattie with friends Sianna and Everett (whose shirt says "Lock up your daughters"- LOVE IT!)

Miss Kai- adorable!!

Party FUN!

Daddy with Mattie and David with Hailey

The Martin Family- minus Jackson (must be bouncing!)
*Kate was such a sweetie to share a kid size table, bounce house, and slide with us to help entertain the "bigger" kid-o's!
Kelli and Camryn with me and Mattie. It is so funny to me how my girls are fascinated with "Big Kids". Camryn is such a cutie-patootie!

The Haynes Family- with 1year olds!!!

Present time! We are so blessed! The girls recevied so many cute things to wear and play with! We are set! Thanks everyone for being so thoughtful. This outfit is from our heart friends- The Kummerfelds. We miss you guys!

I couldn't help it- I love this picture. Not to mention the most PERFECT shoes ever!!!! (Thanks Neagles!)

Hailey with friends Zach and Sianna

We had the perfect shoes- now the perfect party dresses! DO my friends know me and my girls or what??? Thanks Perez Family- we LOVE our outfits!!
Mattie really got a kick out of her slinkly too!Cake time: Make a wish!!!!Hailey

Good friends!

After the party we let the girls get in the bouncy house!!! SO FUN! They loved it!This was a great day! Thanks sweet friends for celebrating with us!
More to come...


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Katy K. said...

I love when you post lots of pictures! I'm so glad that you like the Galveston outfits. Mattie and Hailey will look so cute in them! Cutest party sad that we missed it! Love you!