Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JLGC Annual Dinner

and we arrived on Gus the Bus- the reaction most of us had "I've never been in here in the daylight" HAHAHAHA! It was a great way to transport a large group of islanders to Kemah for our annual dinner!So much hard work went into this year- I was lucky enough to be on the Provisional Committee- I worked with Jill and Christy. It was SO FUN and I just wanna say- 2011 Provisionals ROCK! Here we are about to give them their JL clipboards! They also surprised each of us with a special gift- I received a precious "island" themed necklace that I will treasure always- and think of their smiling faces whenever I wear it! Thank you chicka's! XOXOPart of our table... Gabriella, Stevy, me and Liz!Provisional of the year....Kimberly Moore- a dear precious deserving friend!
I am also super pumped that I found out I am on nominating placement next year and holiday ball!!! :) I kind of already knew- but still exciting! We announced the theme of the ball by wearing I Heart NY shirts- Moonlight over Manhattan. I am so pumped- only wish that I have been to NYC to have a true perspective- ha! :)The party's over- but the memories we will have forever! Gotta love these Galveston girls!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ZUMBA/Astro's Game with Resiterns!

This past weekend was one of the busiest we have had in a while... it started with a Zumbathon that Resiterns hosted to raise money for the Resource and Crisis Ctr of Galveston County. This is basically a shelter for battered women and their kids- so a great place to donate! We had a great turn out- considering this truly was one of the "happening" weekends in Galveston. The gang's all here... After a great workout I was supposed to go to Boutique by the Bay that JL was hosting, but I was beat, sweaty and realized I had very limited time to hang with my favorite people before Ken headed back to Corpus. So I stayed home and we went to Yaga's cookoff with the girls- where Hailey harassed ducks. On Sunday, we headed out for an afternoon at the ballpark- I love it! The people, the food, being outside, sunglasses on, the game- all while the song "Take me out to the ballgame" plays in my head...

Can you believe how big my lil's are getting?!?!? I mean- some days I really miss our lil' carrier babies, but I sure do LOVE the people that they are becoming! :)

Hailey a little weirded out by the National Anthem- I don't think she is going to be in GLEE club- judging by the first 2 birthdays (crying when people sing) and the national anthem... which it is so crazy b/c you know this mommy is always singing something!

All in all- a great weekend! Thanks resiterns for the Zumba fun and the baseball game!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yaga's Cookoff

It's that time again- Cookoff weekend! The girls had a blast at the petting zoo. Hailey realized how much she loved to pull a ducks tail- I realized that when she does that they don't quack- they yelp. Not a pretty sound. Hailey found it hilarious to chase them.

I like the fact it looks like they have bows in their hair.

While at the petting zoo- Mattie spotted an inflatable DoraBoots- I love this picture- girls saying "PWEESE Daddy" and Ken with wallet out! This is so telling of what is to come! :)

Some of my favorite Galveston besties!

The whole family- enjoying our weekend together!


Happy Mommy's Day and Backpacks!

Last Saturday, we got up and ready and headed out to celebrate Mommy's Day. We ate brunch at the Hilton- which was SO GOOD! Ken had made me a 12pm massage and hydrotherapy appt. It was PERFECT! I am so so so blessed to be the Mommy of these precious girls! They keep me on my toes in a good way! It is never dull around here and I have to say- I LOVE THAT! One day- I am going to get a "frame worth" picture of all 3 of us!

My girls lately:

The girls are so entertaining these days! Last night- trying to get Mattie to come inside, I said "Mattie, ONE... TWO.... (and paused like all mom's do) *and in a sweet Hailey voice we heard THREE!" It was so funny- she knew what came next.
Hailey has a big personality- each day she shines so much light/funny in our world!

Mattie asks for kisses, loves to cuddle--she is just SO SWEET! Both of the girls love to say "Thank you"- we thank everyone. Mattie also apologizes to everyone- I am working on that one. They are precious together- playing, giggling, kissing, hugging, worrying about the other one. Hailey always asks Mattie "You Ok?" if she is crying.

I love these girls! Aren't their shirts adorable! LaLa had them made and sent to us! Thanks LaLa for always keepin' us in style!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


For several days- Hailey has carried around this book of mine. For some reason- she loves it! She just sits and flips through it like she is reading. I think she must like the feel of the pages because it is lacking on pictures! She has loved this book so much that at nap time and bedtime- it is "sleeping" with her. Pick your battles right- plus I secretly am still holding out that osmosis could work?!???
(*Pay close attention to the title)


Monday, May 9, 2011

NIfty Turquoise

I recently took on another craft project. I felt the girls room needed a dress/chest of some sort, but didn't want to put alot of $$ into it- since we are moving in a year and will soon after "redo" to a BIG GIRLS room. I used facebook to find a dresser a sweet couple we go to church with Amber and Gabe were getting rid of since they are fixing to move to Temple, TX. It was a steal- $25. This is what it looked like... After Ken sanded a few spots (thanks, babe!) I got busy- priming.

All done...

I used "nifty turquoise" and a chocolate brown glaze. Here is the color with 2 coats paint and one coat glaze. This was a real learning experience for me, but I am so happy with the results.

It is the perfect "POP" in the girls bedroom! :)

Soon- she will be complete when the other pink zebra print knobs arrive.

A special thanks to my sweet sorority sister Courtney Vassar for her tips, tricks, and the idea in general! Chi-O LOVE! She has a lil' cutie hootie- that is a little younger than Mattie and Hailey but just as cute! I secretly hope they will all be Chi-O's together some day in Martin!

If you are feeling brave- try it. Front door, furniture, bookcase- it really looks great.

The "ROYAL" treatment!

I am WAY behind on my blogging- I am going to do my best to catch up this week :

Friday, April 29, 2011- the WORLD watch a true love story- some of us (including me) did the crazy thing by waking up at 3am to not miss a minute. I truly was fascinated watching a "commoner" become a princess! They best part was- they truly looked happy and so in love. My mom, Lauren and I all watched the Princess Diana wedding- well Lauren and I were only a few months old, but we were witnesses. :) So this time- although we weren't together- the text messages were going like crazy! To make this day even more fun my sweet Galveston friends threw a "Royal" celebration in honor of the wedding. It was a fabulous time with amazing friends, good food, celebration and watching the wedding again (for some of us). Hayley Hardcastle- rocks my world with her amazing invitations! This looks so much like the real deal- I thought at first I should book a flight...
Love the hats- we american's need to make this a tradition at weddings we attend!

Aren't these cake balls too cute to eat?!?!?

My sweet friend Kimberly Moore- funny thing is this picture made the Galveston County Daily News paper. :)

Only in Galveston- could a real "ROYAL" Celebration take place! What precious memories I have with these ladies! :) PRICELESS!

Also- I want to thank Ken's SWEET SWEET SWEET Aunt Linda who drove from Conroe to babysit my girls so I could go to this celebration! I know they had a blast. When Kimberly dropped me off- all the little girls (Aunt Linda brought her granddaughter too) were in the front yard playing around the rosie. Which of course we "grown ups" couldn't pass up! Hats, heels, dresses and all were playing in the front yard- so sweet.
Thanks again for your help that day- the girls had a BLAST!