Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mardi Gras on The Strand!

Saturday- WHEW! What a day! Not only did we celebrate Mattie and Hailey's 1st birthday, but we got to have a little Mardi Gras FUN too!!! The Vance's gave the girls and Mommy and Daddy the BEST birthdya present EVER- free babysitting!!!! So Nic and Laura came over and we headed out with a few friends- who also were on a baby break for an experience of a lifetime- MARDI GRAS GALVESTON STYLE. When we first arrived- Ken asked "Why are we here?" It was packed with loud music, tons of people, and LOTS of bead throwing! I immediately started people watching- and let me tell you some of the sights I saw!
I am still amazed that this fun happens in Galveston- next year I plan for us to be bead throwers- not bead catchers!!! :) It was fun seeing friends on the floats. The bands that marched were a lot of fun to watch too! They really "broke it down"! Ken stated "our girls can't be in the band." HAHAHAHA! My favorite float is the "DANCING QUEEN"- the people that own it are the owner's of Carnes Funeral Home- cracks me up that a funeral has a float that JAMS music and dancing in parades!

The girls with our bead collection! It was a COLD night, but such fun!
ABC news even caught us on tape!

Afterwards, we headed to a local favorite that we have never tried before Sonny's. It was great! We were able to sit down, eat and CHAT it up before heading home. Notice: I had Ken in some beads! :)

All in all- a great night! Can't wait until next year- the view from the float! Til then!

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