Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving week at a glance!

We made it to Memphis- leaving TX at 6:00am- arriving at my parents house at 9:00pm! I can say that we were all tired of being in the car, but the girls traveled GREAT!!! Ken and I were SO amazed. We really expected it to be hard on them- but they were real troopers! I think we all were a little wired- shown here by Ken's inner bunny coming through! HAHAHA! I knew my mom should have gotten a bunny coat in his size!
The first day we were in Memphis- we had my parents watch the girls and Ken and I headed straight to El Mezcal! Where they serve WHITE CHEESE DIP! Texas really needs to offer this! It is AmAzInG!!!

The girls spent 2 nights at Grammy and Pop Pop's (Ken's Parents). They had such a good time and Ken and I appreciated the rest! We were able to do a little Christmas Shopping- help Santa out!

Mattie and Mommy! I just love her smile here!

Mattie eating her big girl food! :)

Hailey too!!

Aunt La La with Mattie! Both girls love to pull up on EVERYTHING!!!

The girls loved being with Aunt LaLa because she fed them an unlimited amount of Puffs!

Hailey was going to get to them no matter what!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Mildred came to join us- of course Hailey wanted to see her up close and personal.

I think Uncle Skeet got a real kick out of the girls- Libby will be here before you know it!

Honey hard at work meking a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving meal! I always want Thanksgiving dinner for my birthday- I love it so much! Thanks mom and dad for all of your hard work!

G-Daddy helping out!

Mattie sneaking in the kitchen- I think she was looking for her piece of turkey. Maybe next year cutie!

The girls picking on Daddy! I love watching them play together. So sweet. This week- Mattie started clapping and rolling her hands when we sing "Patty Cake"- it is absolutely adorable and I am convinced they are the 2 smartest babies!!! (Every mommy should feel this way).

Happy Hailey
Uncle Skeet and his cake! My parents believe in making everyone's favorite dessert! I love that! Ken and I shared a coconut pie to die for...

Thanksgiving- one of my very favorite holidays!

Aunt Sarah, Mattie, and Miss Mildred! So sweet!

Uncle Sonny, Aunt Sarah, and my Itty Bitty's! I am so glad that we were able to see so many people while we were in town.

My sweet family- Happy Thanksgiving!
Mattie and Hailey got their first Christmas present from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Sonny. They liked the stuffed bears but LOVED the wrapping paper.
After a great day with my family- I decided to go shopping with one of my best friends on Black Friday. This is what time it was when I walked in Old Navy. I will say- it was a lot of fun being out in the crowd! Jana and I decided this will be an annual thing for us!

I was home by 9:30am and we got ready and headed to the Libby's house for a visit. Here Mattie is with Mrs. Donna and Curren. Isn't she a cutie??? I loved getting to see her.

The Libby's take such good care of us- they gave the girls a box FULL of baby einstein toys. SO SWEET!

For lunch we headed to Grammy and Pop Pop's to have Ken's Family Thanksgiving! It was so fun being around all of his family.

Hailey with Aunt Rachel

Mattie and Grammy

The girls playing with Elizabeth. She is adorable and so sweet to Mattie and Hailey.

The Family
Great Uncle Rennie with Hailey

Uncle Greg with Mattie

Sonya (Elizabeth's Mommy) with Mattie

Great Aunt Betty

After Thanksgiving (Friday Style)- the girls spent the night with Ken's parents again and I went to get ready for Aunt La La's baby shower!
The Hostess'! What a fun day! YES- Mattie and Hailey hosted their 1st shower...

The present section- this was before anyone arrived! La La and Libby got lots of goodies!

Aunt La La and Honey! our family has pretty much doubled in size this year!!!

What a group!!!

The spread! I LOVE shower food!

Can you believe they have been Best Friends since 1st grade... WOW!!! I think it was only like 20 years ago- looking good girls!!

La La opening her gifts! What a special day- I can't wait to meet you Libby! We are going to have so much fun- all of us girls!!!!

Sunday we headed back home- long drive... Stopped again in Texarkana to visit with the Thomas's! Thanks for letting us hang out for a little bit. Really helps break the long trip up for the girls- and us. See you soon!

the next holiday- CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Haynes Honeys- On the raod!!!

Mattie ready to travel to Memphis!!!
Hailey ready too!!! It sure was early! The girls did GREAT though! We left at 5:00am and got to Memphis at 9:00pm. Thankfully, we were able to stop by The Thomas' and meet Jaxon and Cade!! Mattie and Hailey loved the boys! :) Hailey was even giving away kisses.

Josh and Ken are friends from SAU! :)
Here Hailey is with Cade's mommy Brandy. It was so good seeing you all!
Cade and Mattie playing together! So cute!!!
All the kid-os! and parents!!! We are thankful for good friends in Texarkana!! See you again soon!