Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friends, Family, and Baby FUN!!!

Here we are during a little "Tummy Time". We love to wiggle and kick. We are getting so strong!
We went for our 2nd doctor visit on Monday- Mattie weighed 6lbs and 5 oz! Hailey weighed 5lbs and 8oz! We are really growoing! The doctor said we don't have to go back until our 2 month shots!!!

Here are Honey with Hailey and Gramps with Mattie! They stopped by for a quick visit on Sunday. :) :) We are just too cute to stay away from.

Great Aunt Sarah and Uncle Sonny stopped by for a visit on the way home from the mountains. They couldn't wait to meet us girls! :) Look at the pro holding both at one time!
Ken and Cory- roommates from Dental school! BOY has life changed for us all! Cory, Amanda, and Allie all stopped by on their way back to Memphis. It was so good seeing you guys! Allie is adorable! I just love her smile. She was amazed by the 2 babies!
Here we are with Cory and Amanda! Amanda was amazed at how little we were! Come back and see us soon!

Here we are with Mrs. Donna. The Libby's dropped by for a visit on the way home from vacation. It was so good seeing them. :) :) :)

Ken's other roommate Garrett and wife Caron dropped by to that day! I t was great getting to spend time with you two! Come back and visit soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here is Lauren and her "soon to be" Hubby, Scott with the girls! Uncle Skeeter has Hailey and Aunt Lauren has Mattie.
Mommy with the best twin feeding tool ever- BOPPY's! Thanks Brokaw and Townsend families!

Mattie has found her thumb- dentist Daddy isn't real crazy about that!

Grampa and Honey here for a visit. They are WILD about the girls!!!

Here we are in our "Easter" dresses from Aunt Lauren. We were definitely ready for our close up!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More visitors!!! :) :) :)

Mommy's sweet baby Mattie! :) She loves to snuggle. Brad and Matt came by to see the girls. What a great surprise to see our friends from Chattanooga! Miss you guys!

Matt and Kristen- thanks for the YUMMY dinner. You are so sweet!!!

Brad's wife, Ashley holding Hailey. So cute.

Aunt Lauren stopped by for a visit too. Here she is holding Mattie. She actually took on some of the "late" night feedings! It is so easy with such sweet girls though.

Our cousin Addie came by for a visit and brought the girls their "Humpty" dolls.

Here is Valorie, Susie Gal, and John checking out our cutie pies! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Love!!

Here is Honey talking to Hailey! She hates to miss anything going on around her- just like her Mommy!!
Hailey is on the left, Mattie on the right.

My lil' monkey's!

I don't think Hailey was feeling up to this photo shoot.
Look who came to see us...
our cousin Daniel!

Here we are with our great Uncle Bo and Aunt Bonnie!
Dena, Matt, and Aleyse also came to see us! We love our visits from the fam!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Babies... Babies... and more Babies!!!

Here are all the girls are with our "Welcome Home Storks!" What a great way to come home! Thanks Honey and Gramps!
At our first doctor visit! Everything was great! Mattie is on the right, Hailey on the left

Dr. Leeper with Hailey! He wanted to take them home with him!

Here he is with Mattie- giving her the once over too!

Ah- my sleepin beauties. Just like Mommy, arms above the heads!

Monday, March 2, 2009

We are HOME!!!

Here we are in our very stylish newborn outfits!!! :) :) :)
Ready for a car ride!

Wow! We really are headed home!!!