Tuesday, August 31, 2010

18 months old and growing...

Well yesterday- we made it! I had a sweet friend, Stevy, that went with my little littles and me to the doctor- and it could not have been a better visit. I decided to take Stevy to lunch at "The Spot"- as a thank you for what was about to come... Mattie and Hailey- nice Cheeto is Mattie's mouth, but a precious picture still.

Loving some fried pickles!

Drinking from a straw- SO BIG!

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Time to head to the doctor- "que scary music-doom, doom, DOOOM!!"

I went fully stocked, 4 cups (2 strawberry milk, 2 juice), crackers, Cheetos, raisins, Rice Krispy treats, pacifier, bunnies- this is a must at the dr., and toys. Turns out the girls favorite toy was their stroller- we climbed in and out, pushed it around....

While we were waiting- the girls checked out everything... Mattie tore the door stop off, Hailey tried to fix it.

I thought of you Honey- Hailey had to check out what was in the drawers. She may look like her Daddy, but she is all MOMMY when it comes to personality! (I secretly/openly LOVE that- I see me in her- the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

Mattie is alot like Ken- laid back and chill about everything- until she isn't! :)

Here the gang is! THANK YOU SO MUCH STEVY for helping me! You are a true friend! I heart you- so do M & H!

Let the "check up" begin!

Mattie decided that diapers should be optional... I sure wish this was a sign of potty training- it isn't. Overall it was a great visit!

our info:

Mattie Lynn

Height: 32 in. 50%

Weight: 25lbs 50%

Hailey Sutton

Height: 30 in 10%

Weight: 23lb 25%

At 18 months we...

are such precious girls... if mommy or daddy are eating it- they want to try. You girls are great at eating as long as it isn't in your highchair...

Mattie: love at first sight!

You LOVE your bunny! If you are ever scared, sleepy or sad- BUNNY solves the problem. You love to be outside. You are a big talker- you point and say words all day long. Every picture in our house you always show me "da da". It is so sweet. You get so excited when you are happy- you have a touch of "happy feet" in you. You love to watch "Elmo" and "Barney". You love sweets like your mommy. You are rarely still and love to be "down".You are "Miss Independent". You are energetic and happy most of the time! Your afraid of the vaccum cleaner. You are so smart- and are constantly figuring things out. You love babies. You are a little cautious when it comes to new situations and stairs. You love music and to shake you toosh! Your favorite food is macaroni and cheese or spaghetti. You love grapes too! Every morning you wake up so happy. You keep us smiling with your laugh. You love to be tickled. I love you little little! You have lots of teeth, that you love to brush!- several molars- I haven't been able to count them yet.

Hailey- love at 1st sight/2nd baby
You are my little mess! You are always up to something and as nosey as mommy! You love to make us smile with you. You love puzzles and sitting in anyones lap. You are always smiling- I love that about you. You love to jabber- we aren't quite sure what you are saying yet, but I know that soon we won't be able to stop you. You love to watch "Melmo" and Barney, too. Your favorite toy is the jumbo lego set. You love to snack on bananas and goldfish. You approach life with reckless abandon- you are so brave and willing to do anything. You love to share with Mattie-so sweet. You are rarely still. You love to dance and do forward rolls (with Mommy and Daddy's help), but I constantly see your bootie in the air ready to roll. You are so friendly- you let just about anyone hold you. I think someday you could be an architect- you love to build and put things together, study them. You are constantly watching us and I know you understand so much! You love to play on Mommy and Daddy's bed. Your favorite word is "shoe". You are my little helper. You pick up your toys, wipe up messes- you are a future mommy in the making! You make the world brighter just by being you! These two have stolen our hearts- and I don't want it back! I am blessed to be your mommy! I thank God for every day I have with you both!
“I sing for joy at the works of Your hands.” – Psalm 92:4

Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday- right at bedtime for the girls a budget rent a truck pulled into our driveway, a man got out carrying a package. At this point I noticed he was wearing a FedEx uniform- I had to smile- poor guy must have had a very LONG day. First time I have ever seen a FedEx delivery made from a rental truck... The package was from Honey and G-Daddy! Hawaii trip loot was inside! The girls received precious Halloween outfits, t-shirts, and necklaces which they love! Kind of crazy but they already had these "hawaiian design" jammies on! Anyone who knows my little littles- knows we LOVE accessories- so these were a hit! Ken got the most perfect gift- a t-shirt that says "Ken's Pancake House"! They actually ate there- saw it fitting since we love to make pancakes for special occassions like birthdays, Christmas, Saturdays... you know!
I was the luckiest of all- I got a Dooney and Burke purse that I LOVE!!! It is pink and white zebra print- does my mom know me or what! :)
Thanks for thinking of us on your vacation! We love all our goodies!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wonderful Wednesdays...

On Monday, I am taking my little littles to the for their 18month check-up and shots- to say I dread this is an understatement! I am excited to see how much we have grown, but I can't stand "shot days" for these two. Although, they have never really had a problem after the initial pain- it is alot for one mommy to handle: It is really difficult to juggle them both waiting, stripping them down, talking to the doctor, playing, performing, jumping through hoops, waiting for the shot nurse, hold one down (other one watching), switch kids- one crying from what just happened- the other crying because she knows what is coming, mommy tossing juice, snacks, toys, money... anything to please... again... shots- 2 crying and a mommy that wants to! WHEW! I can feel my blood pressure rising as I type... any volunteers to go with? I will keep you posted how it goes! Lately, I am really starting to see how much of lil' toddlers we have become! So independent! We love to do everything ourselves... let's just say Mommy and Daddy can't come anywhere near the spoon...

We finally got a rug for our living room- goodbye fear of head injuries! The girls love it- and so do Mommy and Daddy...

Look at that hair! Mattie's has just grown so much and is curly. Hailey's is precious too- long in the back and still shorter on top, but growing!

Look at this face- I had just had to get on to Mattie for something (hard to believe right?!?!) and I caught this face- can't wait for middle school- maybe I will do the same thing and take pictures of the faces they give me then!

Our latest trick- my future point guard! Hailey loves to put this ball on her head and throw it. She has an arm- we are about to have to move all balls outside for the sake of furniture, tv, and other people. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A day in the life of...

Here is just a tiny taste of our day: Mattie and Hailey love books! They love to look themselves, they love to sit in your lap and be read to, they love to point to things on the page! As a teacher in another life- I love reading to them! Hailey is reading "Kiss, Kiss"- a cute book about animal mommy's kissing their babies.

Mattie enjoyed the story too!
On- to play ball...

Wait something doens't feel right? Lately, both Mattie and Hailey have learned to take their diapers off if they don't have pants on. I wish that was a sign for potty training- but it isn't... just a new challenge. :)

We LOVE LOVE LOVE to be outside and have the most fun with Daddy out there! Yesterday was priceless- Mattie and I were in the kitchen and she heard the front door open (Ken coming home from work) and she yelled "DADDY!" in the sweetest, loudest,most excited voice I have ever heard. It melted both Mommy and Daddy's heart!

Look at that little read face- it is hot here!

Playing with the wagon!

Dinnertime: look how messy we are! I can't complain though- the girls are usually great eaters!

Off to BATH TIME- a highlight of our day

I am loving every second of every day I get to be with these 2 precious little littles! They have had my heart from the first time I felt them kick! I am so proud to be your mommy!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our new friend!!

August I started keeping another baby in my house for another UTMB faculty/residency couple- her name is Lily and she is 5 months old. Mattie and Hailey love her. Every morning they get out of bed (both in my arms at the same time- we couldn't have that any other way) asking Baby? Baby? When they see her- grins and giggles! I am so excited for this opportunity- I get to do two things I love the most- be home with my girls and be with a sweet baby! Mattie is so proud!
We are really working on kissing the toes, but I thought this was sweet.

We have been up to other stuff too- lots of outside time (HOT), mommy is really trying to run regularly, working, JL starting back up, and so much more... where did summer go?

Which leads me to my biggest question of all- as Labor day approaches and we are out growing shows- I love the way their little feet look in Keds, but can babies wear white after Labor Day???


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hawaii 5-0!

Mattie (in red) and Hailey (in blue)- sporting the "Hawaiian dresses" that Honey and G-Daddy brought the girls back from their vaca. :) Arent' they cute!?!? I should grab me a pina colada and enjoy the view... I tried to convince the G-parents that my little family would love to visit the Hawaiian Islands, but I have to understand that a vacation with 2 18 month olds isn't much of a vacation :)
so... "my grandparents went to Hawaii and all I got was this cute, pretty, dress!"

Honey is bringing the rest of our Hawaii souveniors in October when they come to visit! Can't wait to see them andcheck out the loot!