Monday, December 20, 2010

My own Christmas Miracle..

As some of you know- I am a good one that made a HUGE mistake this weekend. I thought I was going to be so SAVVY and sell a few things on ebay- well I did. A man in Nebraska bought a North Face shirt from me! Yay! In my excitement and rush for the first sale- I raced to the nearest drop box and left the package... sad to say as soon as the door shut- I remembered there was NO POSTAGE on the package... this was Saturday night around 7pm. BOO! I had no one to contact, no one to help... all I heard was it would either come back to me in a day to 6 weeks (not so good for the ebay sales score), it would go on and aske receiver to pay shipping- again not good! I worried all weekend.

Bright and early this morning I called- I spoke with a precious lady named Francis. She said she could hear the worry in my voice and asked if I could meet her- unfortunately I couldn't because I have my 2 and Lily today. I told her I could at 4pm. She said she would go and get the package out of the box and call me. I felt relief! Help was on its way. About 30 minutes later my doorbell rang and an ANGEL name Miss Francis was standing at my door- package in hand!! I hugged her neck and told her she was my hero! I plan to run by a special "thank you" to her this afternoon. She really showed the true Christmas spirit to me by doing this for a stranger! That is Jesus LOVE!

Whew... thank you so much Postage angel!


Friday, December 17, 2010

A little Christmas pillow talk...

With a tear in my eye and a warm glow in my heart- I had to post how much they girls have changed in 1 year! I can't get over it- they were so small and bald! They weren't even walking yet... now it feel like I try and get them to just walk instead of RUN... These chairs used to look so big, now we roll them around the house- because "we" are so big and strong! I highly recommend these Pottery Barn Kids chairs for any toddler child! WE LOVE THEM! Grammy and Pop Pop gave them to the girls last year I would however suggest getting them to semi match your living room (just a thought).... I didn't take my own advice, but I do LOVE our PINK WORLD!
Almost 2 year olds- wow- how time has really flown by and changed them too! I will say that when we brought home 2 preemies just a short 2 weeks after they were born- right at 4 lbs, I worried they would always be small or just a step behind (you hear horror stories people), but these 2 have caught up (as I also was told- by age 2 they would meet all neccessary bench marks- and we have 2 fold!) I am amazed at these two! I don't care if I ever get another Christmas present- these 2 have been the greatest gift of all in our lives! I love and cherish every second as your Mommy!
Every day is the BEST DAY with you two!
Random: I rat myself out on here all the time- so time to do the same to the hubs! The other night at about 3:45am I was awakened to a pillow being YANKED out from under my head- keep in mind I WAS asleep until this. I said "Ken- that was my pillow you just yanked out from under my head!" he said "No, yours fell off, your on mine." I told him it wasn't his and to check the floor on his side- so we both did-- HIS PILLOW was on HIS side on the floor. He very gently picked it up and pushed mine back over to me and rolled over to resume his slumber. By this point, I was wide awake... semi-mad... and the teacher in me reared its ugly head by me saying, "I'm sorry Erin for yanking your pillow out from under your head in the middle of the night." ken then said "sorry" and immediately fell asleep- I on the other hand lay ther... wide awake...
Thanks honey!

We both laughed and laughed at what happened the night before... the next day.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Away in a manager...

Wow- it is that time of year again... time of shopping, gatherings with friends and family, church services, travel, and celebration! It is "the most wonderful time of the year"!
I, espeically have always loved Christmas- for so many reasons- the memories of waiting for Santa, amazing Christmas Eve candlelight services, swearing I heard Santa's sleigh on our roof, the pure joy that this season brings- we all get to revisit our "childhood", but I have to say that I think that I am by far the most excited this year!!! I can't wait to experience this holiday season with my precious family. Mattie and Hailey are at the perfect age- they think every present is great, every light on the tree amazing, they LOVE to point to Santa and call him by name, Mattie loves to kiss him, but only in books, Hailey carries around baby Jesus from our Fisher Price manger- can you say heart warming. He has the whole world in His hands and she is holding him- PRICELESS!
I love the idea of starting/continuing Christmas traditions. My friend, Katy K- gave me the idea of using your Christmas cards as ways to pray for friends and loved ones- how cool is that!!

I am so excited to see what Santa brings these very good girls... but most of all I am excited to hear Ken read the Christmas story to them. It is my prayer above all other prayers- that Jesus is in their hearts from a very early age. I know they have been put on this earth to do amazing things for a sovereign God! AMEN! I am so blessed to be there mommy or "mimmi" as Hailey calls me.

As you and your family get swept up in the hustle and bustle that this season brings... take time to remember a little baby in a manger, who eventually gave his life so that we could LIVE! This story becomes more and more powerful to me each year- as I have children of my own...

Let's celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!
Happy Birthday Jesus! (Yes- a new tradition in my household- birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Day!)
Merry Christmas from The Haynes Family!

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."
Romans 10:13

Monday, December 13, 2010

Under the BIG top!

The Junior League of Galveston County hosts a Holiday Ball every year around Christmas time! This is our biggest and BEST fundraiser to keep all the areas we are involved in afforded. Not only is it a wonderful mondy maker, it is also an amazing time! Every year, when the night is over- I asked what is the date for next year so I can go ahead and start pushing Ken to make sure he is OFF call! :) The day of the ball was a great one... Boone, Perez and I headed to Friendswood for a pedicure! It was amazing! It was so fun speinding time with these girls. :) I was so sad to realize that this might be Boone's last holiday ball- as they are applying for residency's now.

After the pedi- headed home to spend time with the girls and give Ken a break. We had a great day- it was time to get ready for the ball!

Wah-LA! The whole Haynes gang!

We had a few friends stop by for a little "pre-game" before the ball. It was so funny- 6 formally dressed people and 2 babies- NICE! Don't you just LOVE the dresses! That is my favorite part- seeing all of my best girls all dolled up!

The Circus theme was GREAT!

Love these girls!

How fun!

A surprise at our table- clown noses! We all had a blast with these!


I was a "spotter" during the silent auction! There were some amazing gift auctioned off!

Trying to get a picture of The Provisional girls! What a great group!

I love you girls! You have made Galveston feel more like a home to me than I ever imagined! I amheart sick when I think about leaving residency- but excited too.
All in all- a WONDERFUL night. My carriage didn't turn into a pumpkin, I didn't lose my shoe and I still ended up with Prince Charming! BEST NIGHT EVER!

Sunday we got up and headed to church. It was finally cold enough to wear these precious coats that Honey gave us last Christmas! The girls loved them so much- we kept them on all afternoon- inside.
I can't get enough of these cute faces!

Hailey is saying "Bye" and Mattie is bolting with a present...

Friday, December 10, 2010

All I want for Christmas is you!

On Wednesday night, we hosted an OMFS (Oral Maxillofacial) Resident dinner party at our home. It was great! Here is the team this year! THese guys are really amazong! When I stop and think about what all they do/see in a day- and then what they can do to fix it for people- WOW! I am so impressed. This dinner was also special, because each of these guys trained in Memphis at The University of Tennessee Health Science- they were friends there. Baker (middle) is chief this year, Ken- realy to tackle the last year, and John Mark starting off this 1st year. My prayer for them is NO HURRICANES! :)
They are all great guys. Another fun fact- they were all 3 in a Bible Study with David Libby- one of our closest and dearest friends.

The wives and "soon to be" wives! It was great celebrating this season with you guys! :)
PS- I made my very first turkey and no one died- CROAKED! Success! :)


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Wassail... wassail all over the town!"

Last weekend- Galveston held it's annual "Dicken's On The Strand". It was good food, great friends, fun parade, and elephant rides! It really is neat- every year the streets are transformed to vendors in Dicken's time period as well as most people dress in such as well. (No worries- Ken has already agreed to participate next year- can you say "Peddler?" I already have my dress- now for the girls... hmmm. My two girls with Jackson and Everett

Good girl friends- as you can see, everyone gets out for this event. It didn't hurt that the weather was 70 degrees.
One of the craziest costumes I saw- yes she is on stilts, yes she is lit up! I wish I had thought of it!

We stuck around for the "Lamplighter Parade". They thought of it all- from the rooftops above they had bubble machines that made it look as if it were snowing- in GALVESTON!! So fun. Mattie loved it- Hailey was scared to death- of bubbles. Ken had to take her in Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory to escape the fear.

She may have been terrified of the bubbles, but she LOVED riding a 1 ton elephant...

I couldn't convince Mattie to go- when ask "Mattie, do you wanna ride?" I repeatedly got the response "no, no, no". Hailey LOVED it- we did it twice and then I had to drag her screaming and crying doing her best elephant impression away. She loved it.
All in all- FUN night! Can't wait til next year with Ken in some Knickers! :)
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town- Fish Village that is!

This past Saturday I hosted a "Breakfast with Santa" in my home for all the Resitern kid-os! It was so much fun. We had a great turn out- and a very special visitor- SANTA! Most of the kids liked to keep their distance, but couldn't stop staring. Santa brought a special gift for each child!

About the time Santa was going to head back to the North Pole, Hailey walks up hands him a book...

She tried to get in his lap, but there just wasn't enough room. I think Santa enjoyed Thanksgiving! :)

At the Kiddie table with Jolly Old St. Nick!

What a great memory! (A special thanks to Derrick for his "Santa services")
I think all of these littles are most definitely on the "Nice List"!
Merry Christmas!