Friday, April 29, 2011

Pool Party play Date with The Muns

The sweet Muns girls had us over this afternoon for our very first playdate of the summer! It was great! My girls loved being around Kyla's two littles: Ava (4) and Micah who is 1 going on 2.
It was so sweet watching all the girls play together. :) They were all SO giggly- it was adorable...

Hailey and Mattie thought they were "BIG" stuff in the "ocean" as Hailey kept calling it.

I know what our next purchase will be- this pool was GREAT for their age! I am so OVER the blow up kiddie pool. Walmart- here I come.

Mattie got a real kick out of getting in and out over and over again. We mommies decided it most have something to do with independence/freedom to do it.

Love these 2 girl...

I had to post this picture- for those of you (me included) who think that Hailey is little Ken- this picture to me looks JUST like me when I was little!

Thanks so much Muns girls for having us to play! We enjoyed it! Let's play again soon!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Look who came... hopping down the bunny trail and left Mattie and Hailey a special treat!!! In thier baskets the EB gave the girls each a dvd- one got Beauty and the Beast and the other got Dora's Ballet adventure. They also got a Zoe doll and an Abby Cadabby doll from Sesame Street, pink Crocs (another blog for why I finally broke down and bought these shoes), goldfish in s festive box, and a Easter egg sugar cookie. It was GREAT! The Memphis Easter Bunny- Honey sent my sweet littles a baby gap gift card- she knows what this Mommy Bunny likes and a Bunnykins Peter rabbit ceramic mug that was mine when I was a little girl- and a new one found online (since she only had 2). I was telling Ken that it was mine when I was little and he said "your mom comes up with the neatest ideas!" I have to agree!!! From the wedding dress Christening gowns- bunny cups! We LOVE it all. Thanks for thinking of us!

Mattie feeding Zoe with her new cup.

Hailey too!

All ready for church- but it is not a day in The Haynes house without a little dancing- and of course on this day- it must be done with BUNNY in hand!

Off to church we go...

The girls had a blast. The sweet mom's that were in charge of this day had an egg hunt and gave every little girl a sweet Easter hat that my girls have not taken off.

Let the hunt begin!

I love that they tried to take a group photo- I also LOVE that their biggest "problem" in the group photo's were my two... I feel like I jump through hoops to get a good picture- so I feel their pain! I had to post all the group shots because it was so funny to me.... Enjoy!

Starting to set up...

Looks like someone isn't listening....

All but one...

I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend and were able to celebrate that Christ is RISEN!! I pray you are blessed.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on it's way!

Saturday morning- we had a special treat- the annual Mother's group Easter egg hunt for Resiterns! It was so fun and a great place to play as well. Check out my "lil" chicks hunting for eggs and having so much fun!

Hailey's taking our buddy Jackson for a spin!

Hooray for EASTER!

After the egg hunt- time for cake! It was another adorable cupcake made by Kate!

Love Hailey's smile in this one...

Love this picture- two sets of twinkies- playing together!
A successful hunt- now nap time! xoxo,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Temple BOUND!

and FUN we had! We loaded up on Wednesday for a "quick" trip to visit our favorite Temple friends- The Kummerfeld's! As always- we had a BALL! We got there in the afternoon- plenty of time for all 3 girls to dump all of Lilly's toys, play, eat, and go night night. Once the girls were down- we got BUSY! Katy was hosting a "Stella and Dot" party that night! It was so fun meeting Katy's friends and seeing a few I have met before! We sure do miss Katy here- but I know those girls wouldn't give her back! The display- isn't this a GREAT idea!!!! Very shabby chic!
Besties! The party was a huge success! Katy had over a $1000 in sales earning her over $250 in FREE jewelry!! Thanks again for hosting! You really know how to through a party!
Thursday- we got up and took the girls to an open gym- GENIUS idea! It was great to let them roam and run before our 4 hour car ride.
Mattie wasn't all about it though- she really stuck with me saying "down" meaning "up". She was flustered!

Finally- a little fun!

Katy and I both felt like kids- jumping on the trampoline and getting in the ball pit. We were a little concerned that if Katy jumped too high- Paige might come on- ha! She didn't- thankfully!This excites me even more for us to start "Diaper Daredevils" in JUNE!!

Miss you guys- see you soon.