Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi G- Daddy!!

Here you go... some pictures of our world lately. :) Thankfully- life has been pretty "normal"- (our normal). Last weekend, our family was able to go on a beach walk together. It is huge to Ken and I that the girls LOVE the water. I am almost positive they will... I thought these were precious pictures. Ken is holding Mattie- who knows what he is telling her, but I am sure she is learning alot from him. My favorite part of this is my hubby, holding our baby, at the beach, wearing scrubs! This is my life people. Ken stays blue- literally! This is his uniform- he had already gone to the hospital before our walk. I am in AWE of everything that he does and can do. The night before- we had to leave a dinner at a friends house because Ken got called in for a lady with chest pains- I decided then and there to NEVER be bummed out that we have to leave early from "Fun Stuff" because I am so proud of what he does! Turns out the lady was borderline heartattack- so I like to think he saved her life that night! Praise Ken for working so hard! He definitely has a juggling act- with us and work. :) SO... I love this picture- it is our world.
Daddy and Hailey... so sweet!

Mommy and Mattie...

Here are a few more pictures before school one morning.

Aren't they just precious!!!!

Hailey- with her 1st in her hair bow!!!!!!! This is huge people! She loves it- can't you tell!!

One last photo- Hailey's teeth. She heard that Mattie was showing hers off and wanted a chance too! She is a fan of Twilight I guess with the "fang" coming in! She may look like her Daddy, but she is Mommy through and through!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celestial Celebration!

Whew! What a day! This was one of those days that felt like an entire week happened! I am sorry I haven't posted some pictures of my little CUTIES recently- Miss Laura pointed out that it has been a week. I love that so many friends and fmaily keep up with us this way! :) :) :) Mattie- doing what she does best- SMILING!
Hailey heard that I had a few good shots of Mattie's teeth and wanted me to show you hers too! We are up to 3 for Hailey and 6 for Mattie!!! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!

Big girl fun! Aren't they just the CUTEST!!!!
After a big day of playing today- we headed to our MDO- for a "Celestial Celebration"! The 3,4,5 year olds performed! It was adorable. I can't wait for my little ones to be up there one day- singing, smiling, and beaming with pride!

After the show there was a great spread of food and pictures of all the kid-os for sale! It was so special! It was a great time to socialize with parents in our kids class as well as the students and parents of the kids in my class! I loved having this night! The girls loved it too. I felt like I barely held them there. Between Laura, Stephanie, and Laurie- the girls were like footballs. Loving every minute of it. We are so blessed to have a school that loves my girls ALMOST as much as we do! What a COMFORT!

Some of our favorite people!!!

Miss Laura with her "STAR" pupils. Always up for the double hold! We miss you!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uh OH!

Mattie and Hailey are such SPONGES these days. Mattie's latest word is Uh-Oh! It is so cute! Turn up your volume and listen! (*I don't know why it is not upright?!?!)

I knew it would happen...

YAY!! We finally made it back to Texas! It is so good to be back- seeing Ken, Belle, friends, and our routine again. Although, I really miss our Memphis "peeps"! I am SO thankful that we were able to see so many people and on top of that spend so much time with my new neice- Libby! Happy Hailey playing with a Christmas present!
Sweet Mattie- showing off those chompers!!!
Here it is- Ken and I really try hard to keep Belle's kennel door shut- but every now and then (we forget). Yesterday- I was cooking dinner and heard A LOT of giggling. I look over the counter and this is what I see.
Mattie is in the cage and Hailey has shut the door.

Mattie still in Belle's bed.

I think she liked it. Wonder if Belle will notice???
Happy Thursday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

"Party LIKE it's my BIRTHDAY"

This past weekend- we celebrated Mattie and Hailey's "pre" birthday party with our Memphis family and friends! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!! Here are a few pictures of our GOOD TIME!

The birthday cake!!!! So perfect!
Decorations- the perfect Erin touch!
Welcome EVERYONE to the party!

Our family on party day!
Some of the girls at the party. It was so neat to have such a variety of ages of girls together at one time. :)
Let the present opening begin!!!
Mattie and Hailey had a blast! I am starting to worry that they are going to expect presents every weekend since for the past couple of weeks we have opened presents everywhere we go!

Happy "Pre" Birthday Hailey!
Ready for CAKE!

Blow out your candles sweet girls!!! Make a wish!!!!
Mattie loving cake (like her Mommy)!
Hailey really got into eating her cake!
Our MESSY itty bitties!

Playing with Jana and Elizabeth!
Mattie checking out her new swing.
Hope and Hailey- such a sweet friend. She was such a big help! :) It was so cute- Hailey loved hugging and kissing her.
Sweet Aunt La La, Uncle Skeet & Libby made a surprise stop at the party on the way home from the hospital. It was so sweet. Here is Hailey meeting her for the 1st time.
Mattie meeting Libby too!
After the party- I think we all were worn out. :) It was a GREAT day!!!! :) :) :) Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing this special day with us. We love each of you...
More party pics from our Galveston Party in February.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The BEST gift of all!!!!

On December 31 at 5:30am, Scott and Lauren checked into the hospital to be induced! Here the soon to be "new" parents are- ready and waiting!
Lauren and I- she was a real trooper- waiting on Libby...
At 8:39 on New Year's Eve- Libby Addison Baird was born!!!
Weighing 7lb 13oz

Length 20.5 in
Proud Aunt Erin- fuzzy picture (sorry)
Little Libby! BeAuTiFuL!!!!
The family of 3!!!!
Day 2- I was able to put a bow in Libby's hair! Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
Love that girl- look at her hair!!!
Honey and her newest grandbaby! So sweet. More soon!