Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break BUNNIES!!!

...and we are back, among the living that is!
Last week, Hailey had to leave school early due to the tummy bug that she then shared with Mattie, who then shared it with Daddy, who finally tried to give it to Mommy... I will say it was no fun having "sick" babies. They are pitifully sweet- just wanting to cuddle and be held, but you can look at them and tell they do NOT feel good. It is just not the norm to see these 2 not in good moods & VERY active! At least we have a week to recover- and we have done just that!
Hello Spring Break!!! Oh, how I welcome you!
I can't believe it is Friday already!!! The only Friday of the year I don't like is Spring Break Friday- meaning after the weekend, back to work- routine- juggling act, etc.
Galveston has been BEAUTIFUL lately! The weather is PERFECT, the sun is shining, and all the "spring breaker's" are out and about! The girls and I were ready for a little SB trip of our own- pictures of that in next post!
Here we are feeling good and ready for Easter!
Hailey doing her BEST Easter bunny impression!
She KNOWS she is cute!!!

Mattie and that thumb- it is a real love affair. Ken and I have decided that we are going to try and break the habit this summer. My mom asked if I would wait until after visiting Memphis- ha! Mattie also LOVES LOVES LOVES this bunny. During our sick days- laundry was constantly rolling and the bunny had to be washed... I didn't realize how attached we were to it until we went to bed one night or should I say didn't go to bed one night- as anyone close to us knows- my girls are the BEST night nighters EVER (opinion- not fact). We just lay them down, typically without a peep. The night without the bunny- peeps were heard (probably 2 blocks away). Ken and I were at a loss...
This never happens to us!?!?
She isn't sick...
She didn't want anymore to drink...
I hold her she cries...
Oh no...
ding ding ding- her bunny...
I retrieve the bunny- Mattie grabs it, rolls over and goes to sleep!
Moral: Don't LOSE the BUNNY!

Here Mattie is in her other Easter/Spring outfit! Thanks Honey for helping us stay so "stylin"!
More soon!


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Caroline said...

The girls are so cute in their spring outfits. Love the bunny story. Hope everyone is feeling better!