Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tie Dye and SUNSHINE!!!

The Haynes girls are LOVING the Texas sunshine. I truly believe that you can be having the worst day- but as long as it is sunny it doesn't feel that bad! The past few days have been pretty busy for us. Our family are members of a group called "Resiterns" here on the island. It is a great way for the wives of residents to get to know each other and support each other through what has been referred to as being a "residency widow". That cracks me up! We try to get together once a month with a fun activity for the adults and a fun Mother's group activity too! I am in charge of those for this year- so for March I decided we would tie dye t-shirts! It was so fun. Although it was a small group- we really got a chance to know each other better. Doing this reminded me of when I would help my mom roll the t-shirts for her art club at school! She is the tie dye QUEEN! I just toss out the idea and she tells me how she would do it! I hope I am at least half as crafty with my girls as she was with us!

Spiraled and dyed!!! :)

The finished product on my precious models!

Today we decided to go to the park for our afternoon snack! It was a great time!
After our little play time we decided to go for a walk where we ran into Laurie H. (another Resitern member) and her 2 boys! It was great getting to catch up with her.

Enjoying being outside and our snack :) These girls are just TOO TOO TOO much fun. I am so blessed!

We LOVE to be outside! Yay!!! I have a feeling that as the summer arrives- we will spend more and more time at the park and outside!



Caroline said...

Cute shirts and I want to be their age again so my mommy will take me outside to play.

Sarah said...

Your tie dye turned out well...mine never looked like that!

Leslie said...

Adorable! Now you need to post a tutorial on how you rolled the shirts to get them to look so good! :)