Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oppe Carnival

Today- Oppe Elementary had a carnival for the kid-os in Galveston! Since I taught there (briefly due to Hurricane Ike)- I wanted to take the girls to see all of our friends there. It was great fun! We had our friends the Perez's meet us there. We walked around- saw LOTS of familiar faces, watched the WILD kids jumping in the bounce houses- we even saw our very first camel!!! I asked the girls if they wanted to ride... I tried to get a picture with the camel behind the girls- turned out I just got the tail end of the camel- hahahah! :)
Little Davis started out the fun- zonked out! :) Isn't he adorable!?! Lindsay and I thought it would be fun to stroll to the "Castle Park" where they have toddler swings! Mattie and Hailey loved it!!! Hailey kept clapping!

" Hold on Hailey!"

Davis enjoying the Galveston sun and breeze in his hair!

"Push me Mom!"

What a fun afternoon! Can't wait to go to Texas Hold 'em tonight and the Evia market tomorrow! What is it about spring time weather that seems to help book up your schedule?
Happy weekend!


Katy K. said...

Whew...I'm glad to be back to a computer so that I can read about your girlies!!! I love that you went to the Oppe carnival!!! I'm sure all of the teachers had a fit over Mattie and Hailey!!!

Erin said...

Oppe just wasn't the same with out you!!!! Made me a little sad... but then I saw a camel- so I smiled! HAHAHAH! So random