Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has SPRUNG!!!

Look at these 2 cute lil' chick-a-dees! We looked so pretty in our spring dresses that Grammy sent us! Hailey loves her clothes- if I hold a dress up to her like we are going to see what she will look like in it she get a huge grin on her face! Wonder where she gets that???
Mattie has learned a new word- "Pretty"
Necklaces are pretty, Mommy's hair in rollers is pretty, lipstick on my lip is pretty, Belle is pretty, mardi gras beads are pretty- everything is pretty. When I got her in her dress- first word out "pretty"! I think it is adorable!

Here we are attempting a picture of the 2 of them together- this has gotten progressively more difficult...

Ah- SUCCESS! Mattie's little grin is cracking me up! Have I told you that our new favorite toys are Easter eggs- they are everywhere in our house, car, etc...

My 3 FAVORITE people!

The 4 of us- what a great day! After church, we went with friends to "The Original"- YUM! The girls loved rice and beans! After a short nap we headed to the Evia Spring Market- it was great just to be outside in the AWESOME weather! For dinner we went to a friends house where we played with our friends Ruby and Davis- I should have gotten pictures, but with 4 babies our hands were full! It was GREAT spending time with you guys! Let's do it again soon!


Heather said...

Hey Erin! First of all, I just found your blog through another friends of mine, from her followers. You have a beautiful family, your girls are beautifuL!!! Secondly, I moved from TN nearly 2 years to Houston! We have similar stories. I can't wait to read more of your blog and hear more of your story! Good to meet you! Love your girls dresses, they are precious!

Katy K. said...

Beautiful girls and skinny minnie mommy!!! You look great!!! I love that you gave them Easter eggs to hold. What a great idea! XOXO