Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Buddies!!

Since Ken has a BIG test coming up April 10th (pray for him to do well again this year)- the girls and I decided we would give him a chance to get some quality studying done... so we packed up and headed to see our favorite Temple Texans!!!Sweet Lilly and Katy welcomed us with open arms- we only saw a little of David (those residents are SO busy). I loved seeing Lilly again- she has gotten so big! She really has the sweetest personalitly- so easy going and chill! Not to mention- how adorable she is! Lilly is always dressed to the nines! Her little socks and bows always coordinate with her outfit- we even found ourselves trying to coordinate all 3! Katy (Lilly's mommy) and I decided that shopping and dressing these girls is one of our favorite things to do!! I think we should have an annual Spring Break shopping trip...
Wednesday morning we had the sweetest time: playing, feeding, changing, chasing, napping, talking- repeat!
Mattie and Hailey both loved being near Lilly. Mattie was especially curious about Lilly's pacifier- she really wanted to see it out of Lilly's mouth... she does this to Hailey too.

The girls hanging out before our big day! We decided that we would venture out on our 1st "big girl lunch" date- we needed a family friendly place...

Chik-fil-a it was! The girls did great! Lilly went right to sleep and my 2 loves chicken strips and a few fries. It was really funny all the attention that these 3 babies received. We also ran by the PRECIOUS store that Katy works at part time. After lunch, we headed back to nap again. Not only did the girls love spending time with their friend, but they also found out that they LOVE climbing stairs. Mommy found out they are really good at it!

Look at these cute Mudpie shoes from Katy's store. I couldn't resist...

On Thursday- we tried to get a picture with all 3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Have you ever tried to get a picture of 3 babies- it was a hoot. Even the mailman stopped to watch the show.
The funny part was that they all were fine with the ears- it was the looking, smiling, sitting part that really got them!

My 2 cute lil bunnies! Mattie and Hailey really are a hoot. They are really becoming "big girls"- blowing kisses, waving at everyone, and jabbering up a storm. I am not sure when all of our words are going to come out, but I do know for sure we have ALOT to say.

Mommy with her cuties!
Mattie, Hailey, Lilly, Katy, and I had a blast- but then again we always do. Katy has been an amazing friend to me since we knew we were moving here. I am inspired by her open heart and sincerity! Her joy is infectious! I love that our girls are going to be as close as we are. I know that we don't live around the corner from each other anymore, but she is just a phone call away. She is my "anyway" friend- she knows my flaws and loves me ANYWAY!
It was bitter sweet leaving- through teary eyes... we said "see you soon" (April 11 to be exact)- I am not a fan of goodbyes! Thanks again for letting us visit!
We love you guys!

After we were back- I heard from another heart friend of mine- Brooke! 3 of the 4 girls were coming to Galveston and we were the main attraction! Brooke and I decided that we would attempt lunch and a walk/shopping on The Strand.
It was perfect! I love seeing these girls. Ally and Addy are just adorable and such good helpers with my 2!

We had the sweetest time catching up! I sure do miss having The Neagle's on the island!
The Sunflower didn't know what to think with so many cuties! We were sitting right in the doorway- so everyone that came in stopped to talk to us. They thought we were all related. :)
We are in our hearts!

Thanks girls for coming for a visit! Can't wait to see you again soon and meet Andi :)

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Katy K. said...

SOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!I'm dabbing at my eyes. We had such a blast with you. Come back anytime! See you on the 10th!