Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Haynes Family had a wonderful weekend with special visits from some of our MOST FAVORITE friends!!! Saturday- The Kummerfeld's and The Neagle's came over to visit. There were a total of 10 girls (including Belle) and 3 boys! It was such FUN!!! :) I have really been missing both of these "Mommy's" lately- so I was in heaven! Both families had come down for the Baby Dedication at FBC Galveston. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing Godly families that are in such similar walks of life as our family. The Lord gave me a gift when he brought me their friendships. Here are a few pictures of all the girls playing together! Lilly, Ally, and Addy

Addy and my girls cheeking out the "newest Neagle" Andi- she is GORGEOUS!

All the GIRLS!!! Daddy's are definitely going to have their hands full with all of these BEAUTIFUL girls!

Nothing like a Daddy and his girls!!! I love Daddy/Daughter pictures!!! :) :) :)

Speaking of LOVE- Hailey has fallen head over heels for Jack Neagle- she adored him! Couldn't get enough! She would just stare at him and when he looked away she would as we say "shake it" for him to get his attention again. Hailey definitely has a thing for the guys in her world and she isn't shy about it!

Hailey also loves to walk- if you will- she will walk 100 miles just like this. Makes my back hurt thinking about it. She is going to let go anyday now. Mattie has already begun taking steps on her own (April 12- her first 3 steps) and we haven't stopped! Hoping to video that soon!!! Mattie wasn't feeling 100% the day of our visit, so she took a little nap so we could go to dinner that night.

Hailey- found a friend in Ally! It was adorable, Ally would play with all the babies and just kept them giggling the whole time! I need to have her around more often!

Later that night we all headed to dinner at one of our favorite spots: The Original! It was a wonderful time. All 3 babies did great! :) The girls even attempted drinking from a "big" cup! So cute.

Lilly too...

and Mattie!

The gang is all here!
Ince we were home- Katy and I decided to put on our matching shirts! Too CUTE! :) Since the boys had other plans- we watched/cried through "The Blind Side"- I LOVE that movie! :) Katy and I have a- well tradition I guess of watching movies and fast forwarding the sad parts. We are both just such teary messes with sentimental stuff.
Sunday morning- we all got up and ready for church! Dedication Day!!!

First up: Sweet Andi Neagle

Next: Adorable Davis Perez
Lastly: Precious Lilly Kummerfeld
Several other babies were also dedicated to the Lord as well.
A side not of funniness: one "Big Brother" to a baby being dedicated was standing in the front with his parents when he decided he didn't want to wear his pants anymore....
so he pulled them down. David Baker and Ken lost is with laughter. It was really funny- watching the dad trying to convince him to let him pull his pants back up... You just never know with little ones!!!

After the dedication- we headed to The Perez's where we were able to spend time with some more great friends! The girls loved being outside and Ken and I loved all the hands that were willing to help handle the girls! :)

I made David and Meaghan take a picture- since I played a part in setting them up! I am resigning on top as a matchmaker! :) :) :) Aren't they cute together?!?!?

Davis with his girls!
Ken and I have been talking about getting a wagon- so we decided to borrow Davis' to see what they thought of it...

They fell in love! 1 WAGON on the way!

Brandon and Ken entertaining the wagon full. The girls cried when Ken decided he had had enough pulling.
Lastly, we got to see Lilly one more time before they headed home. She was sporting a very "Haynes Girls" outfit! Could she be any cuter?

What a sweet weekend for us all! Thanks so much for coming to see us!
We love you Neagles, Kummerfelds, and Perez's!!!


Lauren said...

My thoughts:
-I love little Miss Kummerfeld's sweet cheeks-very kissable.
-I can't believe the photo of Hailey flirting like that! Gasp!! Doesn't she know how to be coy??
-David Baker and his sweetie look pretty cute together...good job, you may just be the next patti stanger.
-I think you should have gotten a picture of the boy dropping his pants, I laughed out loud reading that.

-I like your sassy mommy top in the last picture!!

Katy K. said...

We had SOOOO much fun! Thank you so much for letting us move in for the weekend. I am still laughing at Hailey flirting with Jackie! I'm so sad that I missed the boy pulling down his pants and I'm sad that I missed Mattie walking by one day!