Friday, April 9, 2010

One day- two new words for Mattie!

Today started pretty typical- breakfast, dressed, school- then I remembered "staff meeting" which means we stay one hour longer after school. It never fails that these days completely rock Mattie and Hailey's world. My best friend Katy and I have joked countless times when things are a little "off" with our VERY ROUTINE babies- that "WE WILL DO BETTER TOMORROW!" Today was definitely one of those days where I thought: We will do better tomorrow. After our staff meeting, we came home Mattie slept for about 50 minutes (way to short) and Hailey slept for almost 4 hours (way too long)! During the time Hailey was sleeping, Mattie was wide eyed and bushy tailed! I think she is really teething and that had alot to do with it- (hence the runny nose and drool covered dress). We played in Mommy and Daddy's room so that I could get laundry done for this weekend. I don't know why but both girls love to roll around on our bed and play in our closet. This brings me to the point of this post- in one day Mattie has learned 2 new words... SHOE (a girl after my own heart) and no no no! In my closet we had the best time playing with Mommy's shoes! Maybe next week Hailey will wake up a little before Mattie and we can have a lesson on purses! Hailey can you say "Coach?" :) :)

The no no no- came later when I was trying to load her in the car. I said "no no no Mattie" to arching her back- then she said "no no no, no no no, no no no" over and over and over again-smiling the whole time. I still believe she didn't know the real meaning- but just proud as punch that she was mimicing me! Hailey has really become a little chatterbox too! Anyone who has talked to me lately has heard these 2 in full conversations with me and each other. I love that! My little social butterflies!!

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