Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Hunting!

What a fun day- 2 egg hunts in one! :) At school I had a hunt for my 2 year old friends and I also planned an egg hunt for Resiterns- whew I am all "hunted out"! :)
Although Mattie and Hailey weren't really into the actual hunting of the eggs, they did have a blast! They both LOVED watching the big kids and exploring in the park. Aren't these precious pictures of Hailey (above) and Mattie (below)?!?!?!

We had the perfect sized turnout and PLENTY of eggs!
Our sweet buddy Davis had just gotten his 6 month shots- not feeling up to snuff!

Some of our other friends that The Martin boys- they live around the corner too! Kate is an encyclopedia of "Mommy-ness"- I love having so many friends that I can call, text, or email to ask "Is this ok?..."

Hailey- watching some of her new friends. I took a blanket for my girls to hang out on, but they quickly were off of it and on their way to explore...

Mattie wasn't a fan of her knees being on the grass- so she being the resourceful chick she is- crawled like this the whole time!!! Cracked me up!

We found all sorts of treasures in the grass- leaves, sticks, bark... lots of fun stuff!

After the hunt we all headed to eat cupcakes! No hunt is complete without cupcakes! :) Aren't these kid-os cuties?

The swings were a big hit too!

Happy Easter from The Haynes Girls!

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Caroline said...

So cute!! Where did you get your top?