Friday, April 23, 2010

"One pair of shoes can change your life." - Cinderella

The Haynes girls sure have been busy! We have really been on the "GO" here lately! Mattie and Hailey are really on the move. They both LOVE LOVE LOVE these walking toys. I am willing to bet they have walked a million miles around our house with these. It is a hoot to watch them go! Hailey is motion- she is one tough cookie to slow down!
The girls refueling!

Mattie on the go too! Because of our new mode of transportation- it was time for me to get serious about good walking shoes for babies! So- the other day the girls and I headed to Bay Brook mall in search of the perfect shoes! We went to Macy's- no luck, Dillard's- cute but only one pair- finally we ended at Stride Rite- the perfect pair for my 2 little "sparklers"! We are kind of in between sizes right now- but 3's work the best. The girls each got a pair of white Keds as well! I just want their toes to be comfy as they are getting this walking down pat! :) :) :) Remember:
"One pair of shoes can change your life"--- I could not agree more, Cinderella!

Aren't they adorable?!?!?!? Last 2 pairs too!!

Lately, the girls have really started "playing" with each other! It is PRECIOUS! Here I caught Mattie feeding Hailey goldfish. They have also begun saying each others names- well trying to anyway! They are just the best of friends and sweet sisters.

Everyday when Daddy gets home- both girls are so excited! They just LIGHT UP and reach for him to pick them up and immediately point to the back door. The girls know that everyday- they go outside with him and chase Belle around the yard. Here Ken decided to hold both and chase her. He sure has his hands full!

I am so BLESSED!

I have really started to think that M & H could be part monkey- we LOVE to climb. I am close to breaking down and buying the mosquito net top for their cribs to keep them in there! The girls love to get on the couch and play. They get the biggest kick out of sitting in this decoration- and looking out the window.

Hailey brought a few toys with her.
My girls just keep me smiling! Mattie and Hailey are constantly watching everything we do- and are learning so much. Mattie is learning to blow her nose- which I am encouraging big time since so many 2-3 year olds in my class can't yet- and Hailey loves to pretend to wipe Mommy and Daddy's nose. Oh the simple pleasures!!! :)
Happy Friday!

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