Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!!

I can't help but think of this time last year- my two precious girls were only about 2 months old- so small and delicate- but so so so sweet... they fit in their little Easter baskets! I am so glad that I have these pictures- because now it so hard to imagine these "big girls" that small! I just love these dresses too- thanks Aunt LaLa!!
Mattie Lynn so tiny and sweet!

Hailey Sutton hard to imagine that she didn't have her big grin yet there! :)

Last night the Easter bunny hopped by... leaving baskets filled with goodies for the girls.

Also, Honey and G-daddy sent the girls each five dollars for a "sweet treat" :) How cute is that!?!? Earlier this week we received little toddler size backpacks and lunchboxes too- from Honey and G-daddy.
Grammy and Pop-Pop sent the girls the sweet spring dresses and sweaters! Aren't they LOVED!!! :) :) :)

The Easter bunny loved the carrots we left him and wanted to leave the girls something in return- so he left some yummy Easter cookies! They LOVED them at lunch today!

In our basket we had Peeps, a book, an outfit, a God Loves... dvd, and shoes (Ken says it sounds more like a basket for mommy). I heart the bunny that brings clothes and shoes!!!

The girls loved their goodies!!!

The Haynes Family at church today- it is really hard to get all of us looking at the camera!!!

We picked David Baker up on the way to church- he really has a place in his heart for the girls! How cute is he carrying our little pink backpack for church! :)

After church, we had to visit with Mrs. Laura for a few minutes! She is another one of our very favorite friends!!! :)

At home we took a few more pictures of our Easter morning- aren't their dresses adorable? I love them and the little white sandals! SO CUTE! :) Mattie still isn't quite sure about the grass situation.

This was the only one that I could get without one of the 2 crawling away...

Like Hailey is trying to do here!

Once inside we found a sweet treat- donuts! :) :) :) Hailey and Mattie helped themselves since in our rush to church we left the box on the couch. The girls loved them and of course Belle loved the mess too!
I hope you and yours had a blessed Easter Sunday and took time to reflect on God's abundant LOVE, GRACE and MERCY for each of us.


Lauren said...

adorable!! i love the naked donuts! i love the cute easter dresses! i love the pink backpack!

you look like one hot mommy!!

Katy K. said...

Look how tiny your girls were!!! Two more days until we see you!