Saturday, April 17, 2010

Junior League Weekend workers!

Friday night: no rest for the weary! As soon as Ken came home I was out the door headed to The Ronald McDonald House on the island where we were painting the columns in the garage to "spruce" up the colorless walls! I have visited the RMH in Memphis before, but this was my first time in Galveston- once again I was in awe of this facility. I LOVE that there is a place for families of sick/burned children to stay close by while they are receiving the treatments they need. I love that even when they are at their sickest- there is someone or something or some way that this facility is trying to meet their every need! I am so thankful that I was able to hopefully help "brighten" a day by the art we painted. I know my day was brightened just by being around these SPECIAL, AMAZING people!

I am proud to be trading my Provisional status for Active status!!! I have fulfilled my volunteer hours! Wha hoo!
After a few coats of paint- we cleaned up- I picked Ken and I up dinner- then went and dumped a load of our "Garage Sale" stuff off at a neighbors house who graciously invited several of us to have a BIG SALE in her yard! That is how my Saturday began...
I headed over to The Martin's around 6:30- donuts in hand (my mom says "Never show up empty handed"- any excuse to eat a donut right?)
After the initial set up and the first rush of people- I had to head out (around 7:40am) to Independent Village in Texas City. Our Provisional class chose this facility to do our yearly project on this year. We were giving a "face lift" to their all purpose room. Here are a few pictures of fellow leaguers hard at work!

IV is a facility where people with special needs can be independent, but still under care. They are encouraged to work, budget, function as if they were living on their own in the "real" world.
We were able to paint the room (with the help of a few other volunteers too)- as a class we also donated 2 new book shelves (which they are putting together here), 2 new leather couches, 2 reclining chairs, a credenza, and a 55" TV. I am so proud of how everything turned out and truly appreciate everyone doing their part- this made my job so much easier!

Working hard! Out with the old- in with the new!!!

Touching up some paint spots! We want this room to be PERFECT!

THe day ended with the deliver of our new furniture gift... Thanks JL girls for a great work day!!

Mrs. Judy (the facility director) was thrilled! Mattie and Hailey were with me at this point in the day- you can see a foot on the left (hahaha). They were such troopers considering they didn't get a nap! No- I never do this, but today with Ken being called in to the hospital (he is on face trauma call) and my leadership role in this project- we all had to pull ourselves up by our boot straps!
When we finally did get home (around 4:30pm) Ken had a surprise for the girls...

A swing set that HE MADE!!! I love being married to someone so "handy"! He has worked so hard to get this together and the girls LOVED it! We have had these swings since January- thanks Grammy and Pop-Pop, but didn't have anywhere to hang them until now. I see many hours ahead outside!!!

I think these pictures just show our girls personality to a tee! I am so blessed to have such happy, flexible, loving babies!!

THANK YOU DADDY for our new swing set! We LOVE it and we LOVE YOU!!!



Lauren said...

Libby LOVES the swing set and can't wait for Special K to build her one!!!! She is super jealous! And she is DIGGING Mattie's hair!! We love it! She only has enough length to do that at the base of her neck below the giant bald spot! ha ha. kisses to the sweet girls.

Katy K. said...

You are one busy momma! I am super impressed by your painting skills! We are having the same problem with the where to put it. Thanks for the great idea!