Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink and Green Polka Dots!!

Here we are... on the GO GO GO! Once these 2 became mobile there was NO stopping them! We crawl all over the place now and we are really FAST! Mattie taking a breather...
Hailey with her "mad-awesome" walking skills! She cracks me up- she really knows how to steer this thing. When she bumps into walls- reverse, when something is in her way- she moves a little to the left or right. Nothing can stop her!

Another favorite toy is our laundry basket- don't worry this load is clean! :) I think we want to help mommy since there is so much!

"Tour de Laundry"- Mattie has pushed the basket all around the kitchen. Cracks me up! You GO GIRLS! I expect ANYDAY now these little dumplings will let go and walk on their own! I need you to pray for me then- hahahah! No, seriously... :) We have a FUN, busy weekend planned! Our best baby friend and family are coming to stay with us! More of that fun soon!

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Sarah said...

Those are the cutest signature colors! Where did you find them?