Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal!!!

Here our little family is in Lauren's SUITE! The HAPPY couple: Lauren and Scott (Baird- now!)

The Haynes Family at the rehearsal. The girls outfits were a big hit! Ken kept calling them poodles! :)

Here the girls are with Honey and Aunt Lauren!

Let the rehearsal begin... Scott's dad and Mom practicing their part!

My handsome hubby walking my mom down the aisle! So sweet!

My dad and Lauren- looks like she is excited or nervous- I can't tell! :)

The men of the wedding!
The girls of the wedding!

Almost 2 years ago- we said "I do"- look how much has changed in 2 years!!!

33 years and still going strong!!! (My mom and dad!) I do have to say my mom looked adorable at the rehearsal- she had the cutest hot pink shoes and purse to go with her animal print outfilt!

Let the practice begin!!!


More of the actual day to come....

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