Monday, August 24, 2009

SQUASH it!!!!

Here are few pictures of our first taste of "real" food! Although, I had a small taste and that is not what I would call it! :)
I am going to be by the book with this one though- so only Gerber products for a while. A fleeting thought of mine: wishing I was one of those moms that made the girls baby food- pureeing (sp?) it and everything, but I was quickly reminded I have 2 babies and well Gerber really has the baby food department down pat- we will stick with that!!!
Now- I have a 6 more months to evolve Ken and I's eating habits to a bit more vegetables and a lot less carbs and sweets. This is probably easier for him than me :(
I really want my kids to be strong and healthy- minimal McDonald visits and relatively no candy (I have a potty training theory- involving M&M's- so I am holding off on all candy until then!) Plus as a dentist's wife- I feel it is our duty to our children to teach good dental behaviors from the get go! I am passionate about this- so no sneaking them candy or buttered bread! HA! I am sorry I really did just ramble for a bit! My thoughts at 1:14am. It is sad- I am up for no reason. Everyone else in the house is asleep. Sweet dreams all!


Lyr said...

Thanks for the comment! Love your blog too!! I still can’t get Jayden to eat squash. Wow, can’t imagine getting two Jayden’s to eat it! HA! The fun of being a mommy!!

Kristin said...

I agree with you about the candy. You will have to tell me how you get other family members to not sneak it to them!

Caroline said...

The girls look so cute!!! I am so proud of them for eating.

kate m. said...

I have a picture of Everett making the same face as your first picture the first time I fed him "real" food (it was squash, too)! Their faces are SO funny! I tried to be that diligent about the candy, fried foods, etc., but my FIL gave Jackson ice cream, cake, chocolate pie and french fries before he even turned one. He would sneak it to him, and he is a doctor! He never got Sprite in a baby bottle though. : )