Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doctor, Doctor- Give me the news!!!

Well it's that time again- we had our 6 month check up!!! Both the girls did GREAT! We met our new Galveston doctor for the 1st time- Dr. Noble. He was so nice and just really took his time talking me through our coming months and what we will be doing! Here is all of our info:
12lbs 13 oz
23.5 in long

13lbs 4oz
24.6 in long (she's tall)

How funny is this picture- the girls are on the patient table, but they had me put them in little hospital gowns. Too cute! I should have brought a bow with me!

The girls are doing great- even ahead of the game considering they came 7 weeks early! I asked the doctor about the fact the girls aren't sitting up yet- but he reassured me that they are right on target and that alot of full term babies don't until 9 months. I felt much better! It is tough not to look at other babies around you and say "should mine be doing that?" The big event now is- starting baby food!!!! I'll post pictures soon of that entertainment. We are starting with squash. We will do this for a week then add a week carrots, sweet potatoes (Mommy's favorite), peas, and green beans. After we have gon through all the veggies we will start adding fruit. The doctor did emphasis NO- eggs, honey or real milk until age 1 or later!!! No worries though- I don't want to rush these girls into anything especially if it is a health risk. We feel very blessed that Mattie and Hailey are healthy and right on target developmentally! More soon! HUGS!!!

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Lyr said...

They are too cute! I'm glad they are doing well... always good to hear a good report. Came across your blog and I really look forward to reading more!