Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Frequent Flyers!"

Whew! What a WEEKEND! Ken and I took the girls on their very 1st airplane ride to Nashville for my sister's wedding. It was an event to say the least. I have a sneaky feeling that whenever we sat down at the terminal- several people were silently praying we weren't on their plane- but the girls did BEAUTIFULLY! Mattie fell asleep in my arms both trips and slept the ENTIRE flight. Hailey didn't sleep at all, but people watched (I wonder who she gets that from???) and loved trying to get everyones attention. It was a great trip- our prayers were definitely answered. Here we are getting ready to head out!
I was so glad when we all made it with EVERYTHING we needed- I just knew I had forgotten something.

Daddy had to manage 3 bags while I managed the "Hummer" stroller and 2 carry ons! We were a sight I am sure!

Here we are actually on the plane. :) :) :) Priceless! More pre wedding, wedding, and post wedding to come!


Mrs. Realife said...

It's hard enough just getting two adults where they need to go with all their stuff... I can't even IMAGINE getting twins and all their stuff there, too!! YOU GO GIRL!!

Caroline said...

I'm so glad the girls were angels. I can't wait to see pictures from the wedding.