Friday, July 10, 2009

What a sweet 4 months it has been!

"Daddy- let's go for a ride!"
Mattie in her pink convertible!

Hailey too!

My lil' ladybugs! Thanks Courtney for such cute PJ's! I can't believe the girls are fitting in them now- I really thought they' d be a year before getting this big. HAHAHAH!

Happy Hailey!

Sweet Mattie! Look how cute we are Aunt Lauren- thanks for our adorable onesies! Soon lil' baby Baird will need on saying "Mattie and Hailey love me!"

Snug as a bug in a rug!

We are loving our thumb! I guess it is better than a pacifier- at least it is always with her.

Notice who there is no picture of sleeping- the mommy! :)
Ken is so sweet with the girls- you can really see his face light up when he comes home and they are so playful now. He loves to make Mattie squeal and Hailey smile! I truly treasure watching him with the girls.
Of ourse- they have animal print pj's too! :) Our lil' Wild Things!

Thanks Aunt Bonnie for making us look like Little Sunshines in our outfits! :)
Here the girls are ready to go outside for some fun in the sun- I love the hats!

While in Memphis, Honey, the girls and I went and visited Miss Mildred and Mrs. Nancy. They were so excited to meet the "new additions". Miss Mildred is one amazing lady- she could be on a Smuckers jar- but she would rather her age stay a secret! :) So SHHHH....

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