Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy Babies!!!

If you know me- you know that I don't let much slow me down! SO- we had another fun- filled busy weekend! Friday night, once Daddy got home, we got pizza and headed to the beach for the girls very 1st time! It was so fun! We didn't stay long, but it was perfect. Here Ken is with Mattie. Here I am with Hailey! I have a feeling that in the next 3 years they are going to turn into "Water babies"! I think I need to check into swimming lessons!
Saturday morning, we got up and went to our sweet friend Lindsay P.'s baby shower! Davis is due in October. It was so fun being at a boy shower since my world is PINK! Here is a picture of our friends Christen and Cora! She loves the hair bows too!

Here I am with Hailey at her first "party"!

Here I am with Mattie! Everyone had a fit over the 3 girls! It was so fun having them out and about this morning!
Lindsay opening our present! Katy and I went in together and gave her several cute outfits and Davis's first pair of swimming trunks!

3 Friends, 3 Babies + 1 on the way! Congratulations Lindsay and Brandon- we can't wait to meet Davis!
Ok- so after the shower we went home for a little R & R! The girls took a great nap and I cleaned- blah!
This afternoon- I got the girls ready and we headed to Joe's Crab Shack for the Resiterns "Welcome to the Island" celebration. It was good to see familiar faces and reconnect. I didn't take any pictures there- Ken wasn't with me so I was ALL hands on deck with the girls- however I did get a few before we left! I can't help but take their picture- the are so CUTE!!!!

Mattie is SO SO SO happy! I laugh out loud at this picture!

Hailey officially rolled over from her back to her tummy tonight, then back to her back again! I have a feeling we are going to be on the "move" soon!


A Wedding Story said...

Your babies are so precious...and stylish! Adorable!

A Wedding Story said...

Look at the Designer Blogs icon on my blog and click on it. She will create anything that your heart desires!

Maegan Thomas said...

Hey girl,
Man when I look at yalls pics at the beach on a Friday night it really makes me want to live there. I would love it if we had a beach near bye, it must be really awesome. Anyways the girls are so cute and getting so big. Do they have any teeth yet? I know you have your hands full, it is overwhelming hawling Jaxon around to showers and visiting I cannot imagine doing it with two. I am sending a virtual pat on the back out to you -GOOD JOB!lol We really need to plan a trip and come see yall!!!

burnettb said...

I love their smiles. They look like such happy babies! You look great, by the way.