Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Fun!

How was your weekend? I must say ours was pretty busy again! I still have plenty of unpacking to do, but it seems that everything else seems so much more fun than that! Sunday, after church at First Baptist, Galveston (which was a great sermon- Dr. Meador) the Haynes family headed to Kingwood for a little extended family time and birthday celebration! Yesterday was Honey's birthday in Memphis and Aunt Shirley's Birthday in Texas! What fun! The Haynes girls LOVE birthdays! I love them so much- I have special things planned for my little ones when their 1st birthday rolls around! Mommy doesn't want it to come too quickly though- I am loving the baby stage!!! Here we are with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Leonard! They are ready for Mommy and Daddy to have a "Date Night" so they can come babysit!
Here Aunt Linda is giving Mattie her bottle! What a fun day!

I had to post this picture too- I think these little Gap outfits are so cute. They are terry cloth and great after we go swimming! I love anything bright on my little cuties! Can you guess who is who???

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Caroline said...

The girls are absolutely adorable. I love all of their little outfits!!! You're such a good mommy!